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Digital Manufacturing:

Digital manufacturing is all about using digital technologies to manufacture your product in an effective way.


This involves a high-level process that does assembly and installation defining work instruction and workflow without human effort. It defines design by projecting into a computer system. The system will make an early model of the needed thing using a simulation tool validating your control and quality.

Integrating along with the process defines ‘what’ the product is and ‘how’ it has to be built process models, 3D test runs, work order instructions. This technology does a virtual test run and digital validation making the real control execution.




Some of the tools are digital work instruction, e-kanban, e-Andon, employee attendance, E-preventive maintenance, production monitor.

Digital work instruction instructs the operators on how to handle the machines, there are also options to switch onto e-Andon, e-kanban, instruction setetc.,Through the digital monitor, people can view the job breakdown structure and detect the issues. E-kanban helps in material request and delivery. Employee attendance helps you maintain attendance details using an employee database, E-preventive maintenance helps prevent downtime of machines, this allows you to view the status of your machine through the monitor. Digitization also enables live messages to be sent through SMS/e-mail.

Features :

  • Digitize the Existing Paperwork on JBS, WBS, Quality Alerts on the shop floor
  • All the Records are Digitally Available
  • All the Machines will have Latest Documents
  • Avoid Paperwork & Delay
  • Can get Material Request to Delivery handled Electronically.



  • Decreases the time needed to launch a product.
  • The production line will be improved automatically.
  • Digital manufacturing performs simulation and matching up in a straight line, the operations before the launch of the product.
  • Low-volume production will be incremented.
  • Digital products reduce expensive inventories.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • All the records will be digitally available.

Applications across industries :

Digitization used in industries such as

  • semiconductor manufacturing.
  • pharmaceutical industries.
  • A&D industries.
  • Automotive supplier.
  • Automotive OEM.

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