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Internet Of Things(IoT) :

With the advent of Industry 4.0, there comes the need for IoT. We develop Industrial IOT products to meet the growing demand for manufacturing industries.

Working :

Internet of things consists of sensors that collect data and analyze them. These data will then be integrated into the communication network. The electro-technical factory is transformed into a smart factory so that disruptions can be detected easily.

Internet of things helps in connecting with the production monitor and viewing the real-time status of the machine. This also provides an alert through SMS/e-mail notification to the operator. Thus, IoT helps reduce machine downtime.

Internet of things connected devices and machines. There may be one or more machines connected. This information is stored in the server enabling easy access to the database.

Moreover, IoT connects sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and user-interface.

Sensors/devices here means your Andon system, kanban, production monitoring. This will be connected with user-interface like tablets, mobile phones, sensors signal the device which inturn processes the data.

Similarly, the cloud consists of databased and decision making insights.

Application across industries :

Industrial Internet of things may be developed to meet any of the application:-

  1. Connecting Machines with Cloud using Connected Factory Technology
  2. Machine Downtime reduction using Andon technology
  3. Equipment Monitoring anywhere to get the location and sensory details
  4. Traceability of products across the production line
  5. Plant Safety and Security using Internet of things bands for health monitoring
  6. Inventory Management using the Kanban monitoring