Organizational change in the Manufacturing industries, management team executives must deal with difficult challenges such as improving business operations, growing profitability, and developing a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market – all while balancing customer, employee, and shareholder needs.

In the time of 70s and 80s, A manager was taking a couple of weeks to develop a strategy or change management. Those days are gone. Organizations now need to adapt to rapid change as globalization and technology advance. Those who don’t will go extinct due to inefficient operations and the inability to see new, innovative opportunities. Manufacturing change typically begins with an issue on the manufacturing line, such as glue failure or a line back-up, and ends when a solution is adopted by key stakeholders.

The manufacturing industry must create new models for change in order to succeed.  There is a need to create an environment that encourages a healthier relationship between different teams ranging from manufacturing to engineering, through smooth communication and transparent culture. This entire process is challenging and time-consuming but will bring the desired outcome.  

In today’s digital world, every company must transform its existing manufacturing to a digital one. Because everyone needs to understand today’s trends and should adopt new technologies to improve the business.

As the statistics show, Change Management is one of the most challenging issues for any organization. However, careful planning, modern tools, and frequent, thoughtful communication will make digitization easier.