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Andon is a concept coined by Toyota Lean Manufacturing.Andon is an alerting mechanism to reduce the Machine breakdown.Andon system is part of lean manufacturing, designed to keep operators and managers informed in real time of any problems that may arise and to take immediate countermeasures. In a production company, simple electronic software such as Efficio Andon the system is used to visualize and communicate when a problem occurs at any workplace on the production line.


Kanban System improves the material delivery within the factory and the materials coming from the external suppliers.Kanban provides the signalling mechanism from the Operator for requesting the material.

Kanban system is based on Pull system where the material is delivered while on demand which reduces the inventory and overproduction in the warehouse.

Digital Work Instruction

Digital Work Instruction allows the operator to understand the manufacturing process easily by seeing the videos and infographics.This will inturn helps in improving the First Pass Yield.

Complete work instruction are managed from a central repository which allows the Digitization possible.