Are you afraid to invest money on EHS software? Do you still think that a paper based system will improve your productivity in the near future?

This article will walk you through the benefit of Digital EHS software and what you will get in return?

Choosing the right EHS software should deliver greater value than its cost With the help of our EHS Manager software, you can save time and cost over a year’s time along with efficiency, accuracy, speed and reporting capabilities

Here are some metrics to consider:

Time saving:

 By using paper based system, how many hours each EHS employee spends per month on duties such as record-keeping and updating, files uploading manually, assign tasks, notifications and approve the permits, data analysis and preparing for external audits, reporting incidents or near misses and carrying out risk assessment etc., 

Now you can think how much time you can save by using software! Digital EHS software will help you in each step.

Based on our customer review: Before the software implementation our customer company were taking more than to 2 to 4 hours to approve the permits for workers, But the software implementation now they are able to approve the permits within 10 to 15 minutes along with safety suggestions which is needed for each particular work

Reduce cost:

Your organization should be able to reduce costs through greater productivity and improved performance with the right software. When you discover the amount of time your team saves by using EHS software, you can calculate the resulting cost savings.

Improve Compliance performance:

With the paper system It’s very difficult to improve compliance performance without knowing when tasks are due, who’s working on which task, and if there are any issues. 

The EHS software can provide you with full visibility into compliance performance trends and patterns by site, employee, or date range.

Reduce Incidents:

The use of EHS software alone won’t be enough to prevent incidents and accidents. The software can provide you with valuable insights that can help management take actions to prevent the incidents and near misses.

Based on our customer feedback: 60 to 70% safety compliance has been improved within a year