No wonder! We are in the 21st century. Everyone needs to be changed and adaptive to the new trends and technologies. Globalization and increased competition have caused manufacturing companies to face an increasingly volatile and frequently changing market environment. In order to remain competitive, companies must develop manufacturing systems that can allow them not only to produce products efficiently but also to respond quickly to evolving market pressures and consumer preferences.

The traditional manufacturing model is also a great solution for mass marketing items, but in today’s world consumers expect brands to use advanced technology to meet their high-demand, instant delivery requirements. To meet the massive demand for everyday products from the food industry, automotive, electronics, and textile industries need to transform their industries into a digital ones.

Digitization                           Traditional manufacturing  
Faster production                        Production time is longer
Reduced material wasteIncreased material waste  
It can be easily customized                                                   It is difficult to customize
Cheaper to make prototypes                                     Expensive to make prototypes  
Reduced labor costs                                                  Increased labor costs  

Challenges faced by manufacturing industries:

  • Lack in production track:

Manufacturing faces a number of challenges, which include keeping up with regulations, implementing them, and tracking their implementation. An international company faces an even greater challenge. A manufacturing company must track and trace every item to ensure safety and deliver quality products.

Featured Solution: Traceability helps to monitor the operation flow, quantities of raw material used, time spent by the operator at each work station to do the product activity, and also the overall productivity of the plant.

  • Product development:

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges in terms of product innovation and development.

Featured Solution: A Production Monitoring System is a great way to meet production targets. This gives you real-time updates of production on the shop floor when you integrate it with the machine.

  • Lack of employee’s safety:

Safety is a top priority in manufacturing and also among the many challenges that the industry faces.

Featured Solution: EHS Management Software solution for Manufacturing is used to track and monitor the health status of the employees and contractors in the workplace.

  • Product maintenance:

The manufacturing industry is also challenged with maintaining a balance between throughput and maintenance. A breakdown or a shortage of supplies can seriously impair production.

Featured Solution: SoftDesigners has helped to overcome these challenges to many companies by providing the Andon system. It is a visual representation of daily operations that shows where the action is needed.

  • Other Products:
  1. Kanban: Using E-kanban, online Material alerts can be given from the Production line, material delivery Time can be tracked, the material shortage can be informed, red flag materials can be managed systematically and Warehouse materials can be managed using the software.
  2. Digital work instruction: It allows users to follow step by step process visually with the help of Videos or photos or training material or document templates in order to complete the task in an efficient manner. This system makes the operator follow the instructions to make an error-free product.
  3. Ai surveillance: Soft Designers AI surveillance can quickly and accurately detect the workers parts of a body where PPE is worn. If the worker does not worn the PPE immediately the notification will send to the management team. 
Digitization VS Traditional manufacturing