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When we talk about digital transformation in the oil and gas industry, we found that most researchers are identifying it with the solutions that are provided by Industry 4.0. What is Industry 4.0? It’s referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where we can see transformative technologies that changed the industry. This includes cloud computing, the internet of things (IoT), big data, simulation, additive manufacturing, system integration, augmented reality and cybersecurity. 

Digital transformation is a strategic and disruptive shift in how companies do business. It involves the sensible utilization of digital technologies to improve processes, optimize business models and enhance operational efficiencies.

Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industries:

  • Quick Adaptability to Digitization –Real-time data is the first and foremost thing for basic underpinnings of what should become a top-to-bottom revamp toward adaptability
  • Improving Operational Efficiency is about driving value and getting a decision maker’s approval on commitment towards process excellence is also one of the biggest challenges
  • Ensuring workplace safety is a Security challenge in this market which is regulated by strict legislative frameworks and for safety, it involves high cost to the companies
  • The Oil & Gas industry possesses large unstructured data in the form of documents, spreadsheets, maps, images, emails, and reports where the metadata, which is not consistently captured makes finding information meaningful for business challenges. Moreover, much of the available historic/legacy data is not in digital e-ready format, isn’t structured, and has never been prepared in a format that is truly usable.

Solutions applicable to Oil and gas industries

  1. Smart factory
  2. Digital work instructions
  3. EHS
  4. Incident management
  5. intelligent augmented reality
  6. AI Surveillance

Why our product and how it is useful?

  • Implementing the Smart factory in the industry can collect all real-time production data in order to analyze the production data for better efficiency and increasing operational process effectively
  • Improve performance results by maximizing value creation.
  • Job satisfaction improvement by implementing the work instruction digitally
  • Usage of best technological solutions like Artificial Intelligence Surveillance like video systems and cybersecurity to overcome security challenges.
  • Helps is keep track of the Employee health in order to avoid any major mishaps

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