Conducting safety audits is an important part of your job, and managing them digitally is a great way to eliminate the paper files.

The audit management software is used to manage the internal audits. In view of the fact that hiring an auditor can be time-consuming and costly, the audit software tools come in handy and it makes auditing easier and more efficient. 

In such instances, Audit Software helps cost-effectively manage the internal workflow of the company. Moreover, by implementing this tool, you get to store and regulate the audit findings and have the opportunity to skip manual interventions. 

Why Audit Software is important?

A safety audit platform automates scheduled inspections and reporting across sectors. As the job and industry sectors modernize in the face of the industry 4.0 revolution, paperwork and records continue to be digital. At this point, every business is looking for cost-effective and time-saving Software tools to prevent the difficulty of handling and keeping paperwork.

Safety officials, managers, and frontline employees utilize workplace safety applications to conduct safety audits, identify risks, and report on corrective actions. A safety inspection app should be simple to use, capture detailed photo proof etc.,

Importance of Safety Audit

The features you will get from digital safety audits:

☑ Easy checklist creation

☑ Custom scheduled audit assignments

☑ Smart corrective actions with active monitoring

☑ Automatic report generation

☑ Get timely reminder for audits

☑ Mobile safety inspection app

Look for Audit Management Software that stores all of your important safety documents in one place and allows you easy access to them during an audit.

How do you know which software is best for your business? Here are some information which will help you make decisions.

  1. Can i able to use the software to perform audits from remote?

Your safety auditing software is adaptive to accommodate the current technology as well as the preferences of your users. Look for a software solution that allows you to connect in remotely from any device, allowing your team to do the audit immediately in the system rather than writing everything down on a piece of paper and manually entering it later.

2. Will the system alert me when the next audit is due?

Consider the real-time scenario – you are busy and have so much on your mind it feels like information overload at times. All you need is a help where you can get to remind to stay on schedule.

Look for an audit management system that allows you to schedule recurring audits and notifies a designated person when the next one is due.

3. Can we create checklist for the audit?

Yes, Soft designers will help you create checklist digitally. Digital audit application make it easy to include images, videos and other media directly into your checklist. checklist can be linked to corrective actions.

4. Can we assign the checklist to authorized engineer?

Managers can assign the particular tasks to authorized engineers. The authorized users can login and view the tasks to complete the audit quickly.

5. Can we get the detailed report of audit performed?

By digital audit you can able to see the detailed report with real-time, here you can view the assigned authorized engineer, the completed audits, pending and upcoming audits.

6. What are the benefits i will get using digital audit?

  • Get timely reminder for audits
  • Identify areas of improvement and prevent future injuries or damage from occurring
  • Get calendar view of PM for better planning
  • Mobile safety inspection app
  • Customize checklist
  • Ability to assign different engineers
  • Comprehensive safety audit report