Traceability solution in manufacturing companies helps to trace the raw materials and equipment’s used in the production or assembly area, to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.” This system gives the complete chain of data of the raw-materials or sub-assembly used in the production for making the product from the moment when raw materials enter the factory to the moment when final products are shipped. 

Information on each part and product, including inspection results, assembly details and time spent at each station, is recorded from end-to-end.

To ensure transparency and accountability throughout the production process, traceability with direct part marking or applying barcode provides a documented trail of each product, its history, components, quality, and safety. It proves that products meet certain standards or comply with industry regulations

As the demand of Safety and Quality increase in manufacturing arena the traceability uses have increases very rapidly. In order to have proper safety and delivering quality product the tracking and tracing is most important in manufacturing facility.

It helps to monitor the operation flow, quantities of raw material used, time spent by the operator at each work station to do the product activity and also the overall productivity of the plant.