First, let us explain what we mean by a digital work permit system. We often hear people think of this as simply using a computer as a means of generating and printing a paper version of a work permit rather than manually doing it in the form of a paper-based work permit.

“A digital work permit is way more than that, it provides a consistent and effective visual interface for work management and monitoring and allows for quick and efficient decision-making.”

It provides users with complete visibility regarding the status of all permits (even from other remote sites), making it easier to manage security instructions and take action against risks. Furthermore, the digital work permit helps to automatically identify everything that has expired.

Benefits of Work Permit

There are so many potential benefits of choosing the digital work permit, here are some mentioned below :

  • Decrease of time required when planning permits:thanks to drop-down lists, already configured in the system, it is possible to select the operations to be carried out, the authorized persons and the controls to be carried out in one click. An important time saving at this stage.
  • Faster work permit approval: There is no longer any need to move to another place to validate permits. Approval is done remotely from data and planned elements on the system. This will also allow to save time.
  • Faster decision making:Instant access to information recorded on the system improves control and visibility of both planned and ongoing work. Real-time analysis of this data can even, under some circumstances, prevent an increased security risk. This allows for proactive measures to be taken to avoid an incident.