Visitor Gate pass Management

Visitor gatepass management system allows the visitor to be allowed in a secured and systematic manner.The visitor management system can be used in Manufacturing companies or Any Offices.This system allows the executives to create visitor gate pass in simple manner using websites for managing the visitors.

Process Flow




Features of  Work Permit:

  • Allows the executives to create Work permit through website online
  • No limit in creating work permit for a day
  • Security can check-in or check-out the guest according to work permit approval status
  • Work permit approval escalation matrix is embedded into the software package
  • Work permit report can be created as pdf anytime anywhere.
  • Following is the Summary of Visitor gatepass report which can be used.Customised gatepass report can be generated using the system
New employees entitled for authorizing visitors can be added in the Visitor gatepass management
The receptionist or Security can use the Visitor Management System to allow the visitor into the factory


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