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Behavior Based Safety

AI Behavior Based Safety Software:

SD Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) AI Software enhances involvement and creates a strong safety culture by making it simple to record, track, evaluate, and rectify inappropriate behavior.


  • Ai integrated camera to detect behavior based safety
  • Online or offline access
  • SMS/Email notification
  • Alarm

Behavior Based Safety – BBS

Artificial intelligence that enables a camera to visually analyze and understand data. In simpler terms, AI vision enables a camera to “see” more like a human eye. The core functions receiving visual data, interpreting it, and making decisions based on the facts. AI behavior-based safety (BBS) is the process of finding, monitoring, and educating employees about overall workplace safety. Because of recent improvements and its ability to capture, recognize, detect, and avoid risks and risky conduct using real-time data from videos and photos, it plays a vital role in this BBS process.

Customize your BBS software to meet your requirements

Behavior-Based Safety is a versatile solution for your specific requirements. Get the customized solution for the AI based software

Link BBS to AI Technology

Integrate tasks with AI Technology to provide visibility into the severity and potential consequences of risky behavior.

Facilitate your BBS program from online/offline

We provide the AI application that allows the camera to record both safe and risky activities on any device at any time, online or offline.

Encourage continuous improvement

If an unsafe behavior requires further investigation, assign Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) directly from the BBS application to avoid recurrence.

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Behavior Based Safety

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Behavior Based Safety


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