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Loto System Software

Manage your entire Loto system (Lock out and tag out) procedure digitally with Soft Designers

Lockout-tagout software allows you to identify, control and document all steps required for isolating energy resources during hazardous area maintenance in order to maximize plant availability.

Check monthly lockout activity, keeping track of expired equipment inspections at a glance in a single dashboard. Keep track of all Lockout and tag out notifications through the onboard notification center, monitoring risk and safety events.

Features of LOTO System (Lock and tag out device):

Real-time LOTO dashboard

Isolation devices, lock/tag type, and energy sources can be stored in a master list

Roles and permissions control data access

Each isolation point should have a picture attached

Print Isolation label with unique barcode using Thermal printer

Email notifications during LOTO’s lifecycle

Safety Lockout System

Shut down notification in LOTO system

Shutdown notification

calendar to keep information up-to-date

keep information up-do-date 

RFID chip in LOTO system


affected employee notification

Affected staff notification

safety procedure

Safe operating procedure

incident management software

Energy source identification


Why LOTO System Software is important:

✔ Protects the workers from the risk of hazards and accidents

✔ Protects the equipment machine and workplace from damage and reduces downtime

✔ Builds trust and confidence in the employees

✔ Customer satisfaction

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What is a LOTO Software?

LOTO software is a digital tool designed to help manage and streamline the Lockout/Tagout process. It can be used to create procedures, manage lockout devices and permits

What are the key features of LOTO software?

Key features of LOTO software may include the ability to create and store lockout procedures, manage lockout devices and permits, track compliance with regulations, provide training and auditing capabilities, and integrate with other safety systems and devices.

Is LOTO software difficult to use?

The ease of use of LOTO software can vary depending on the specific software chosen. Soft Designers LOTO software solutions are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with features such as drag-and-drop interfaces and customizable templates.

How does LOTO software help with compliance?

LOTO software can help with compliance by providing a centralized location for storing and managing lockout procedures, permits, and other related documentation. It can also help to ensure that procedures are followed consistently and that training and auditing requirements are met.

Can LOTO software be integrated with other safety systems?

Yes, our LOTO software solutions can be integrated with other safety systems and devices, such as safety sensors and alarms, to provide a comprehensive safety management system.

How do I choose the right LOTO software for my organization?

To choose the right LOTO software for your organization, consider factors such as the size and complexity of your lockout procedures, the specific features and functionality you require, the ease of use of the software, and the level of support and training offered by the software provider. Compare multiple options before making a final decision.

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