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EHS mobile app is easy to access

ehs mobile app

Report safety concerns and observations to the safety department of your organization using the Efficio EHS manager mobile app and receive immediate feedback. It allows employees to submit safety issues and contact the safety manager through the Environment, Health, and Safety Management application.

Learn how you can manage EHS safety on mobile

Managing safety incidents and safety hazards is not a task; both employees and employers are responsible for working safely. Accidents and safety incidents can never be completely prevented from occurring on the job site. Managing safety cannot be achieved without assistance from coworkers.

Safety incidents must be reported by each employee to the supervisor in order to ensure a safe and productive workplace overall. These safety incident reports are vital for effective employee engagement.

EHS mobile app modules:

ehs mobile app

Incident management

Incident allow teams to detect, investigate, and take action

ehs mobile app

Permit to work

The work permit defines precautionary actions that workers must take.

ehs mobile app

Change Management

A small changes will improve the value and brings a successful business.

ehs mobile app

LOTO system

Reduces the downtime by protecting the equipment, machines, and workplace

ehs mobile app

Risk Assessment

This helps you in identifying, evaluating and eliminating the risks in your industry

ehs mobile app

Report Near Miss

The Near miss prevents the future incidents and you can protect your workers.

ehs mobile app

Visitor Management

This system provides fast and simple registration to control all visitors access.

ehs mobile app

Audit Management

Plan, track, and automate the entire audit process from initial to end.

ehs mobile app

All EHS functions in one App!

We do the customization based on your industry requirements

  • All workers can report incidents and near misses which are showed up in the area
  • From the location of the hazard – analyze and investigate the rootcause.
  • Manage permits from your mobile device
  • You can perform real-time safety audits with your EHS app.
  • Permit reports and files can be accessed anywhere via QR code.
  • Your mobile device will receive instant alerts and notifications.
  • Visitor entry and exit is recorded by scanning barcode on the visitor badge
  • Reduce downtime by using LOTO system

Application across Industries


Aerospace Industries

Learn how we are helping aerospace industries to face the new threats and opportunities.


Electronic industries

We Develop customized Hardware and software products to improve the production efficiency of manufacturing companies

Marine industries

Marine – shipbuilding industries

Upgrade your industry to digital operation technology by implementing our software


Automobile industries

We have multiple tools to digitize the automotive industry’s existing manufacturing process.

oil and gas industries

Oil and gas industries

Digital technologies helps to improve oil and gas industries processes, optimizes business models and enhance operational efficiencies.

Chemical industries

Chemical industries

Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers and better safety equates to better health

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