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Best Safety Induction Software in India

Safety induction software is used to make sure that workers are fully trained and informed about workplace safety regulations. Our software includes interactive modules that cover topics such as hazard identification, safety equipment use, and emergency procedures etc. The software can also be used to create and distribute safety reports, track compliance with safety regulations, and provide virtual safety training. It helps in many industries to ensure that employers, employees, and visitors are aware of and compliant with safety regulations.

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Safety Induction Software

Streamline your contractor and employee Induction safety program for workplace safety

Soft Designers Cloud based Safety induction software can be customized to provide users with tailored content and modules based on their specific roles and responsibilities.

Training Scheduling

Safety induction software can automate the scheduling of safety induction training for new and existing employees.

Digital Signature

Our software seamlessly integrates digital signature capabilities, allowing users and trainer to digitally sign safety induction forms and training certificates. This ensures the authenticity and integrity of the documents, eliminating the need for manual signatures and paperwork.

Audit Compliance

Audit compliance ensures that the software meets regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies, while also providing a reliable and auditable record of safety inductions.

Safety Induction Software Features

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