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Slips, trips and Fall detection camera

Improve Workplace Safety with Fall Detection Camera-AI Software

Our software is designed to provide rapid response in critical situations, it is tailored for a variety of industries, addressing unique challenges while safeguarding employees and operations.

AI Software Real-time dashboard

AI Software Real-time Dashboards empower you to harness the full potential of your data, providing a clear, actionable view of your operations and performance.

AI Software dashboard

Other smart features to prevent incidents:

Ai for workplace safety alert
Smart IotBeacon light alert unsafe acts at the workplace


When the AI camera identifies an unsafe act or a violation of PPE requirements, it triggers an alert or notification. This alert can be in the form of visual cues, audible alarms, or notifications sent to designated personnel or safety officers. This enables immediate intervention and corrective actions to be taken to mitigate hazards and improve workplace safety.


IoTbeacon safety alert lights are visual indicators that use different colors to communicate safety at the workplace. There are 3 colors such as red, blue, and green. Each color carries a distinct meaning: Red indicates danger, Blue indicates when person not wearing proper PPE, Green indicates Safe.

Our AI people counting software benefits the following industries:

Manufacturing Industry

In busy manufacturing environments, where heavy machinery and equipment are commonplace, our software adds an extra layer of safety by promptly detecting and alerting in case of falls.

Manufacturing Industry

Construction industry


The construction industry faces inherent risks. Our software ensures that construction sites are safer, helping reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Construction Industry

Warehousing and Logistics

In fast-paced warehouses and logistics operations, our software monitors employees' safety, providing quick responses when needed most.

Warehouse & Logistic

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector operates in challenging environments. Our software aids in employee safety, detecting falls even in remote or hazardous locations.

Oil & Gas Industry

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and clinics benefit from enhanced patient safety, reduced response times, and improved staff safety with our software.

Healthcare Industry


the software can help detect falls and accidents among technicians working on aircraft, ensuring their safety in high-risk environments.

Aerospace Industry



AI fall detection software can monitor workers on assembly lines and alert supervisors to any accidents or falls, helping reduce workplace injuries.

Automotive Industry


AI fall detection can provide an added layer of safety for employees in chemical plants, instantly alerting to accidents.

Chemical Industry



Our software can help maintain worker safety by detecting falls during the assembly of sensitive electronic components.

Electronic Industry



Fall detection software can ensure the safety of shipyard workers and expedite emergency responses when needed.

Shipbuilding Industry

food and beverage

Food & Beverage

In food processing plants, where various machinery and equipment are in use, our software can assist in reducing workplace accidents and ensuring employee well-being.

Food & Beverage Industry



fall detection software can be used to monitor employee safety, especially when ladders and shelving are involved, improving workplace safety.

Retail Industry

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