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Kanban System

Automate Your Processes with E Kanban Software

Kanban software paired with the e-kanban system is designed to automate manufacturing and production facilities. E- Kanban reduces paperwork, it acts as a signaling system that stores data, project details, and activities of a physical Kanban.

E-Kanban Software


kanban tool

Advantages for
kanban software:

  • Work-in-process (WIP) profits the company
  • A standardization size of the raw material can be created and scrap can be reduced.
  • Kanban management reduces inventory, reduce the lead time and capital losses
  • Minimizes user effort and production costs.
  • Kanban tool reduces operational costs and improves market competitiveness
  • Kanban system reduces overproduction.

process of e-kanban

Kanban process

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  1. What is the purpose of Traceability in Manufacturing?

The ability to assure the tracking, if feasible in real time, of production activities and information flows linking activities. The activities of a particular process is known as traceability of activities. As a product passes from one production line to another, a traceability system collects and records.

2. How do you ensure tracebility?

Using a Efficio Software is the simplest and most efficient approach to assure tracking and traceability in your production process. ERP software can assist you in seamlessly integrating tracking and tracing into your current production processes.

3. Why Traceability is important?

It enhances supply chain visibility, quality control systems, and risk management. Suppliers can respond quickly to any concerns by keeping a record of the full manufacturing and distribution history.

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