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Form recognition software.

A world filled with data makes harnessing information from diverse forms and documents challenging. Welcome to our Form Recognition Software, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize data extraction and streamline your document processing workflows.

What types of documents to text does AI recognize?

Form recognition software
  1. Invoices: This includes bills issued by vendors or service providers, and the software can capture key details such as invoice number, date, amount, and vendor information.
  2. Receipts: The software can extract information from receipts, such as transaction date, items purchased, and total amount spent, facilitating expense tracking and reimbursement processes.
  3. Purchase Orders: It recognizes purchase orders, extracting relevant details like order number, items ordered, quantities, and pricing information to streamline procurement workflows.
  4. Contracts: Form recognition software can process contracts, capturing critical data points such as parties involved, effective dates, terms, and conditions, enhancing contract management efficiency.
  5. Shipping Documents: This may include packing slips, waybills, or shipping manifests, where the software extracts shipment details, tracking numbers, and itemized lists for improved logistics management.
  6. Tax Forms: It can identify and extract information from tax-related documents, such as W-2 or 1099 forms, simplifying tax preparation and compliance processes.
  7. Application Forms: The software can be configured to recognize and extract information from various application forms, such as job applications, insurance forms, or loan applications.
  8. Surveys and Questionnaires: Form recognition extends to processing survey responses and questionnaire data, automating data collection and analysis.
  9. Bank Statements: Recognizing and extracting details from bank statements, including transaction dates, amounts, and transaction descriptions, for efficient financial record-keeping.
  10. Medical Forms: In healthcare settings, form recognition can be applied to medical records, prescriptions, and patient information forms, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing patient care.

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