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AI PPE Detection Software System


AI PPE Detection Software

Many industries, including construction and manufacturing, have complex and dangerous work zones that pose huge risks to worker safety. A solution developed by Soft Designers, Workplace Safety – Personal Protective Equipment Detection, uses real-time image and video processing to replace the traditional manual control system.

We have built an AI Technology which are integrated with a camera that will check if the person is wearing the required PPE or not and based on that the visitor / contractor will get the permission to enter the industrial premises, once the supervisor accepts their visit.  

AI Inspection Software

Features of AI PPE Detection Software

  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Centralized dashboard.
  • Capture image/video and notify the management immediately.
  • PPE and unsafe act detection.
  • Historical report.
  • Alarm/Notification

Other Smart features:

Prevent accidents/incidents and enhance the workplace safety by using our smart features for AI PPE Detection

Ai for workplace safety alert
Smart IotBeacon light alert unsafe acts at the workplace


When the AI camera identifies an unsafe act or a violation of PPE requirements, it triggers an alert or notification. This alert can be in the form of visual cues, audible alarms, or notifications sent to designated personnel or safety officers. This enables immediate intervention and corrective actions to be taken to mitigate hazards and improve workplace safety.


IoTbeacon safety alert lights are visual indicators that use different colors to communicate safety at the workplace. There are 3 colors such as red, blue, and green. Each color carries a distinct meaning: Red indicates danger, Blue indicates when person not wearing proper PPE, Green indicates Safe.

AI PPE Detection Software

Our  AI Software helps to detect the employee PPE in real-time. It helps to reduce the workplace accidents.

Helmet-AI Inspection Software

Safety head protection

eye-protection-AI Inspection Software

Eye protection

ear protection-AI Inspection Software

Ear Protection

mask-Intelligent AI PPE Detection

Face mask

Intelligent AI PPE Detection

Hand protection

vest / body protection-Intelligent AI PPE Detection

Body protection

boots-Intelligent AI PPE Detection

Foot protection

Intelligent AI ppe Inspection Process:
ai ppe detection software

Benefits of
AI Technology

1. Reduce workplace accidents

2. Better company culture

3. Increase productivity

4. Lower insurance premiums

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