The digital work instruction allows the operator to know the assembly process easily.

We develop comprehensive digital work instruction solution to improve the production output and the quality of the product produced in the manufacturing companies.

Benefits of Digital work instruction:-

Operator Training:

  • The operator gets trained faster and can understand the complex production assembly easily
  • The operator gets the real feel of the product using the digital work instruction
  • Videos of the production are better than conventional documents


  • Production quality will be increased using digital work instruction
  • The operator can be alerted for any frequent issues in the assembly process
  • Visual alerts yield greater attention from the operator


  • Allows the Work Instruction to be digitized completely
  • Every step of work Instruction is recorded with videos/pictures
  • Complete Work Instruction is divided into many small steps
  • Electronic JBS document can still be viewed anytime

Better Communication

  • Allows the changes of Work Instruction communicated effectively to the shopfloor
  • Any revision of the production process will be replicated in lesser time

Glance of Installed Work Instruction

Digital Work Instruction

How it Works

  • Operation specific videos for a particular machine are added in the Digi-Server Module
  • All the videos added are sequentially played according to the Type of Component/Operation
  • Images corresponding to the Videos will also get played along with video
  • Videos or Images of all types are accepted

Digitization Specification for Software:

  • Digital work Instruction using Images and Videos
  • Digitized Machine Manuals, Maintenance Manuals
  • Quality Alerts in a digitized way
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Skill Matrix
  • Kanban
  • Poka-yoke Test
  • Safety Alerts
  • All the Digitization features are filtered to Products types


Digital Work instruction is mainly required for Batch based production industries where the assembly process is done through the manual process by operators. Following are the industries which suit great

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • Automation / Machinery Industry

This will also be suitable for other batch-based production industries

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