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Digital work instructions collect information from multiple production sources and provide it in one simple, unified view so your operators can quickly make data-driven decisions and also help the user to access the job instruction and information with just a swipe of a tablet or system to the point of use on a specific area and production line, helping to reduce downtime.

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Features of Digital Work Instruction Software

It allows users to follow step by step process visually with the help of Videos or photos or training material or document templates in order to complete the task in an efficient manner. This system makes the operator follow the instructions to make an error-free product.

  • Centralized repository of product videos, images, documents, and Training modules.
  • Station wise task can be mapped in a single click
  • Support standard batch report
  • The report summarizes everything that occurred during the production run, such as material lots used, quality checks, exceptions, process data, and signatures.
  • A secure and safe system protects your data.
Digital Work

How does it work?

◉ Operation specific videos for a particular machine are added in the Digi-Server Module

◉ All the videos added are sequentially played according to the Type of Component/Operation

◉ Images corresponding to the Videos will also get played along with video

◉ Videos or Images of all types are accepted in digital work.

How Digital work instruction will benefit your industry:-

1. The operator is trained more quickly and easily understands the complex manufacturing assembly.
2. Using the digital work instruction, the operator obtains a real sense of the result.
3. Production videos are better than traditional documentation.

1.The use of digital work instructions will improve production quality.
2. The operator can be notified of any frequent problems during the assembling process.
3. Visual notifications grab the operator's attention.

1. Allows the Work Instruction to be entirely digitised
2. The entire work instruction is divided into multiple small steps.
3. The electronic JBS document can be examined at any time.

1. Enables modifications in Work Instructions to be communicated effectively to the shop floor.
2. Any changes to the manufacturing process will be maintained in less time.

A glance of Installed Digital Work Instruction:

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Digital work instructions may include images, videos, text, and other interactive elements to help users understand and follow the instructions more easily.

Digital work instructions can improve efficiency by providing a consistent, accurate, and up-to-date source of information for employees. By using digital work instructions, employees can learn a task quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes to complete a task. Digital work instructions can also be updated quickly and easily when needed, ensuring accuracy and reducing the need for re-training.

Some ideas for creating digital work instructions include creating video tutorials and screencasts, using interactive graphics and diagrams, providing step-by-step instructions with screenshots and text, and using a combination of audio and visuals.