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Best AI Surveillance for the manufacturing industry :

AI powered Surveillance will act as a third eye looking for safety and security practices instilled in the private and public places. Make your CCTV smart using our Software System.



  1. PPE Inspection
  2. Intruder Detection
  3. Unwanted Object Detection
  4. Perimeter Security
  5. Operator Monitoring System

PPE Inspection:

The Personal Protective Equipment Inspection is used for Manufacturing Enterprises to ensure all the safety guidelines are followed.

The PPE Inspection such as Helmet detection, Gloves Detection , Face mask inspection , Shoe detection.


Key Features:

  1. Realtime video monitoring
  2. Capture the image and notifies the management instantaneously
  3. Alarms
  • Real time monitoring

Initially, in the days of CCTV cameras the video used to be streamed live on the TV screens but very little effort was made to make any meaningful analysis of a possible security incident. The video surveillance solutions in those days were always reactive and continue to remain so in large parts of the world. Most agencies as for CCTV footage only when an incident has occurred or when there is a massive threat perception. The use of AI has changed the picture completely through real-time monitoring of the video footage with intelligent analysis of how security incidents can possible occur and what needs to be done to prevent them from occurring. Various large IT vendors have come up with AI solutions that can detect unattended objects like bags in airports and public spaces, enabling security agencies to take action before it’s too late. Likewise, AI-enabled surveillance solutions can monitor people moving around in retail stores and and identify those who might engage in theft.


  • More accurate than humans

CCTV monitoring is only as accurate and reliable as the person monitoring it on the screen.

However, being humans, operators to tend to miss out crucial security clues at times which can lead to disastrous consequences for the organization. Fatigue is another issue why people can’t keep a regular eye on video footage. The benefit of solutions based on AI I that machines can trusted to be accurate at all times and make up for the human deficiency. This ensures that no detail, no information, and certainly no threat goes undetected and therefore, the security of an organization is guaranteed.

  • Foolproof deployment of technologies such as object, event and facial recognition

AI technologies bring superior face recognition, object recognition and event recognition capabilities, thus providing proactive and realtime security. This has a massive application for police forces as they need to identify criminals from within a crowd in large spaces.

Another interesting application is marketing departments of large corporations where they need to identify high-networth customers from visitors to their stores, in order to offer high-value services to them.
Another key way in which a person can be identified is through faceless recognition, where a person’s physical characteristics such as height, posture and build can be used to identify them in a crowd. Also, patterns of activities could be used in different environments to single out criminal behavior and thus secure neighbouring environs.

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