Andon Board and Display

The Andon board are very effective in making the real time monitoring of the production system.The Andon Boards works in tandem with Andon System connected with the machine in the shop floor. The Andon system gives status to the Andon Display boards on real time.The Display boards allow the operators,supervisors and the management executive to get the real understanding of the performance of the machines.

Architecture for Andon Board:

Andon Architecture

Product Specification

Model SDAD
Part Number ADEA01
Description Enterprise Andon
Supply Voltage 24 vdc
Supply Current 2 A
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 800 C (industrial)
Dimension  120 mm x 180 mm(W X H)
Features ·         Three tier tower lamp·


·         Andon Server kit

·         Andon Client kit

·         Big Display on production line

·         Production Monitoring tool

·         Industrial Wireless Connectivity

·         Automatic Email alert

·         Automatic SMS alert

·         Automatic Escalation process

·         Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF

·         Shiftwise Production Report/Custom Report

·         Individual Issue code according to the Machine


Hardware ·         ANDON Terminal with Tower lamp·         Andon Server Terminal


·         HP Server with SQL Server & Windows Server operating System

Software ·         Efficio Software
Accessories ·         Production Display Monitor,         Buzzer

Features of Andon boards:

  • Product Name running on production can be displayed
  • Machine’s status such as Running/Stopped/No plan can be displayed
  • Production count can be displayed
  • Real time production target and Real time Production achieved can be indicated through boards and displays
  • Downtime can be decreased by timely escalations and alerts to the senior management

Computerized Andon Board:

Andon production Boards allows the management executive to get bird’s eye view of the status of all the machines in a single view.
Andon Board Monitor

Andon Led Display Boards:

Andon Board & display

The Andon boards can be customized according to the requirement of the customer

Application of Andon System across Industries:

  1. Automobile Industry
  2. Electronic Industry
  3. Aerospace industry
  4. Machine Industry


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