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Electronics industries firms discover new techniques and innovate and ensure they stay ahead of the competition. The robust demand for electronic products around the world suggests the economic significance of the electronic manufacturing industry. As the global marketplace is always changing, industry players are finding ways to keep up with new technologies and trends.

Challenges in Electronics Industries:

  • Shrinking operating margins

Global competition and new innovations are driving prices down. Companies must continually become more cost-efficient to remain profitable.

  • Maintaining quality management

Supplier quality management is becoming more important due to the use of the global supply chain. Your warranty reserve and post-production service hours will be affected by your quality and traceability system.

  • Tracking a complicated supply chain 

It’s becoming increasingly rare for electronics manufacturers to produce every component in-house. It’s more efficient to outsource components or subcomponents to help reduce operational burdens. However, this means that many of your components may be going through numerous points in the supply chain before ever reaching the consumer. This leads to a challenge in traceability and maintaining compliance with international standards.

Solutions Applicable to Electronics industries

  1. Traceability
  2. Digital Work Instruction
  3. EHS

Why our Products?

Soft Designers are one of the best digital service providers. We give solutions to manufacturing industries to improve the productivity in real-time. We Develop customized Hardware and software products to improve the production efficiency of manufacturing companies.

Quick product Traceability

Smart Efficio software gives the edge to trace the component or product in quick time. It also helps in analyzing the efficiency


Less waste and better adaptability make for a business that’s better equipped to thrive well into the future.

Employee training:

Employees should be trained very easily

Work Instruction Digitally

Advanced software helps the user to follow the production process with the digital world

Tightly controlled automation and production flow:

Well-implemented assembly lines are essential to lean production. Lines should be automated where possible, but accommodate live workers where quality control demands.

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