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Best Employee Training Tracker Software

Employee Training Tracker Software

Unlock the potential of your workforce with our cutting-edge Employee Training Tracker Software. Streamline your training processes, enhance employee development, and boost productivity with our user-friendly and feature-rich solution.

Features for Employee Training Tracker System

Employee Time Tracking

Automated time-tracking eliminates the need for manual timesheets. It makes simple as clicking a button to start a shift and another to end the shift.

Project And Task Tracking

Determine the amount of time spent on each project so that deadline expectations can be improved.


The calendar feature allows users to schedule, view, and manage training events and deadlines, ensuring efficient organization and tracking of employee development.

Certifications and Credentials

We provide a comprehensive database of worker credentials and certifications that allows you to fully manage your safety and job-specific training programs.

OSHA Compliance

Ensure workers receive OSHA training and certification, and ensure only trained and approved people are allowed to work on the job – and you’ll know who’s on-site at any given time, fulfilling the OSHA mandate.


This allows users to provide insights and suggestions on training programs, helping organizations continuously improve their training initiatives. It fosters a feedback loop for better training content and delivery.

Why Employee Training Track Software is important?

Organizational safety and compliance improve

Safety training is important because you don’t want a situation where a staff sues your company if they experience a work accident for negligence. Recording employee training means that everything, including safety training, is documented.

Easy onboarding of new employees

In order to create training programs that are concise, useful, and effective, you would need data derived from monitoring employee training overtime. Onboarding would be much smoother and simpler. In addition, the new staff members’ training has already been tested and streamlined into what they need to integrate into the organization.

Detailed and comprehensive training data

Keeping track of employee training allows you to keep a centralized record of all your employees’ training. Employees do not have to stress over remembering every training they have taken, especially if they have taken a lot of training. They can check the records whenever they need information about the training they have received.

Reduce employee turnover

The training of employees is one of the keys to reducing employee turnover.

The training and tracking process will increase employee commitment to the company, raise morale, and reduce turnover intentions if the training and tracking process aims to improve workplace safety and employee investment

Improved Performance

Enables organizations to monitor employee progress and identify areas for improvement, leading to enhanced job performance.

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Employee Training Tracker

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Employee Training Tracker


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