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Discover Statistical Process Control - SPC Software

Statistical process control software enables quality assurance, capability evaluations and parameter-based process controls. It Improves quality, reduce variation, and optimize processes with SPC in real-time data. SPC pack provides an easy-to-use software solution with all the statistical process control tools needed to optimize quality.

Why choose Efficio - SPC software

  • Get Cp, Cpk, Standard Deviation, LCL, UCL calculations in real-time
  • Get real time machine data for Process Capability diagnosis using SPC software

  • Identify and prepare using the Quality trends

  • Get Stationwise, Linewise, Parameter wise Charts to calibrate your process
  • Maintain a high standard of quality by being consistent and predictable
  • Motivate and boost the morale of machine operators
  • Reduce scrap material, reworking, and inspection costs
  • Enhance overall productivity
  • Improve the efficiency of data entry, analysis, and reporting
  • Ensure effective communication across the organization’s levels
SD_SPC Software Dashboard

Features of SPC software

Get Cp, Cpk reports

Reminders to ensure timely data collection

A real-life manufacturing challenge-solving capability

Dashboards, notifications, and alerts can be configured

Get a spc software with easy customization

Easy Configuration and data collection

SPC and real-time visibility into quality performance have had a significant impact on key metrics such as OEE, with a 7 % average benefit.

Improve Manufacturing Operations with Real-Time SPC Software

SPC software

Benefits of Using SPC Software

  • You can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively analyze massive amounts of data using SPC methods.
  • Monitors potential issues automatically and alerts you when they become out of control.
  • Visual charts help you prioritize processes that require your attention.
  • Ensures complete traceability of historical SPC records.

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