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unauthorized person entering the restricted area

Unsafe Act Detection
AI based software:

We are revolutionizing workplace safety through cutting-edge technology. We are proud to introduce our latest innovation – AI camera based unsafe act detection. Our advanced system utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and prevent unsafe actions within the workplace, ensuring a secure and protected environment for all employees.

Unsafe Act Detection

Our AI camera-based system is strategically placed throughout your workplace, capturing high-resolution video footage that is continuously analyzed by our advanced algorithms.

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Implementing our AI camera-based detection system for slips, trips, and falls not only safeguards the well-being of your employees but also has financial benefits. Workplace accidents can result in substantial costs related to medical expenses, compensation claims, increased insurance premiums, and operational disruptions. By proactively preventing these accidents, our system helps you save costs and enhance productivity.

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Our AI camera-based detection system is strategically positioned throughout the workplace to continuously monitor material handling activities. The cameras capture high-resolution video footage, which is analyzed in real-time by our intelligent algorithms. Our system is trained to recognize various unsafe material handling practices, including improper lifting techniques, overloading, inadequate use of equipment, and failure to follow established safety protocols.

unauthorized person entering the restricted area

Our AI camera-based detection system is designed to enhance security and maintain compliance within your organization by identifying and alerting unauthorized personnel attempting to enter restricted areas.

AI Smart safety features

Here are the key features of our AI camera system for Unsafe Act Detection

Other smart features to prevent Unsafe act:

Ai for workplace safety alert
Smart IotBeacon light alert unsafe acts at the workplace



When the AI camera identifies an unsafe act or a violation of PPE requirements, it triggers an alert or notification. This alert can be in the form of visual cues, audible alarms, or notifications sent to designated personnel or safety officers. This enables immediate intervention and corrective actions to be taken to mitigate hazards and improve workplace safety.

IoTbeacon safety alert lights are visual indicators that use different colors to communicate safety at the workplace. There are 3 colors such as red, blue, and green. Each color carries a distinct meaning: Red indicates danger, Blue indicates when person not wearing proper PPE, Green indicates Safe.

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Utilize our cloud-based EHS software offers flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility to ensure that EHS data is always within your reach.

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The current trend of improved automation, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine communication, artificial intelligence, continued technological improvements and digitalization in manufacturing.

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