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Unsafe Act Detection

Unsafe Act Detection

Unsafe Act Detection AI based software:

Artificial intelligence will analyze industrial and manufacturing facility camera feeds to detect unsafe behaviors, alerting managers of dangerous behaviors.  AI-powered workplace health and safety technologies use computer vision to quickly identify possible threats.

Real-time Unsafe Act Detection AI-based Software

In construction and manufacturing industries, 80-90% of injuries are caused by unsafe behavior and actions. In order to enhance safety, behavior management plays an essential role, and behavior observation is the most crucial aspect of modifying employees’ behavior.

AI-powered safety software will integrate AI cloud technology into your existing cameras to detect, report, and evaluate safety incidents and harmful circumstances. SD safety software with AI can identify risky situations and safety-related issues in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Soft Designers also automates safety assessments and provides safety trends and statistics that allow for proactive safety measures.

AI Smart safety solution to manufacturing and construction industries:

AI-powered detection:

Be global safety with real-time detection of safety events and near-misses. It also assesses safety equipment, risky activities, and hazardous circumstances using artificial intelligence (AI).

Automated Safety:

Audits SD enables users to automate daily, weekly, or monthly safety audits and send customized reports.

Safety Trends & Analytics:

Use our advanced behavioral safety data analytics to take proactive measures to prevent future safety accidents, with the option to export the data to other software (PowerBI, SAP, and other ERP systems)

Customize Notifications:

You can specify how you want to get notifications (email, email), what types of alerts to receive, and who should receive them.

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