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Softdesigner’s solution to global Industries

Industries – Begin your journey of transformation within your industry. Softdesigners provides industry solutions powered by digital operation technologies that support best-practice business processes, allowing you to run more efficiently.

Softdesigners aim is to enable our customers to manage the entire asset lifecycle in order to maximize production, improve asset reliability, and increase workforce safety. Explore our industry portfolio for all business processes to find the solutions you need to run your business better, faster and simpler enterprise-wide.

Our Digital manufacturing operation technology can help your industriy to efficiently integrate, analyze, and manage your engineering data, processes, and supply chain.

marine - ship building

Marine – Ship Building

Softdesigners help Marine industry to keep their employees safe and secure, reduce their environmental impact and find ways to continuously improve operational eco-efficiency and optimize your assets throughout the marine lifecycle, resulting in less downtime.

electronic Industries

Electronic industry

SoftDesigners provides industrial solutions to facilitate operational excellence for the Electronic industry and we also provide a comprehensive suite of environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene, and Safety solutions to provide a preventive, fully managed, and user-friendly approach to worker wellness and safety.

Aerospace industries

Aerospace industry

Softdesigners will help aerospace industries to lead quality solution breaks down traditional barriers in aerospace manufacturing and exceed reliability, safety and performance goals.


Automobile industry

Softdesigners enable automobile industries to keep their employees safe and healthy, manage compliance with safety and environmental laws and regulations from hazardous substances.

oil and gas industries

Oil and Gas industry

Softdesigners help oil and gas industries assist in the prevention of explosions, fires, and ergonomic hazards industries. It keeps employees safe and healthy.

Chemical industries

Chemical industry

Softdesigners EHS Manager software instructs chemical manufacturing employees and assists them in preventing accidents and injuries.

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