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production monitoring system

Production monitor Software

production monitoring system is a great way to meet the targets of the production line. When interfaced with the machine this gives Real-time Production updates of the shop floor.

Production Monitor Dashboard

Soft Designers Efficio software gives Real-time production data, MTBF, MTTR and OEE.

production monitoring system


Do you wonder how manufacturing will change in the near future?

Having a communication system between products and production machines, and the use of a system that controls and optimizes all processes is going to guarantee the lowest level of defects possible.

  • Can monitor the Production count in Real-time
  • Can measure OEE, Availability in production shop floor
  • Production supervisors shall enter the target to get achieved
  • The machine is interfaced with the IoT system to identify the production count
  • Production breakdown reports such as MTTR / MTBF can be calculated
  • Comprehensive reports are available

OEE Performance

Monitor and improve OEE by visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing actual cycle times.

Real-time visibility

Data from equipment enables people and systems to make better, faster decisions and automate processes immediately.

Efficio Software

Production Monitor using by employees

Instant Notification

Send alerts to the right people at the right time. Manage incidents with workflows that track reassignments, resolutions, and full audit trails.

Identify and resolve downtime issues

Manage your machine assets from anywhere.

How Production Monitor Works?

Production Monitor process

Benefits of Production Monitoring System

  1. Management receive the real-time production status Anywhere
  2. Helps to adhere with Industry 4.0 standards
  3. Historical Reports allow management to make quick and meaningful decisions
  4. Helps the company to achieve KPI
  5. Improves the productivity and transparency  in the team


Production Monitor dashboard image

Machine Interfaces

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Andon system with tower

Andon System

The Andon can be automatically activated in order to increase efficiency and minimize downtime for production.

Behavior Based Safety

SPC tool

Statistical process control (SPC) enables quality assurance, capability evaluations, and parameter based process controls.

Warehouse management


E-kanban Software is a pull based inventory replenishment and it reduces your WIP and increase production efficiency.

  1. Iot production monitoring?

Data is the key to digital transformation for production, and IIoT devices can give you access to this data easily. Bring your factory into the digital age with the IIoT Sensor which can be easily incorporated into whatever your machines are.

2. What is a Production Monitoring System?

A manufacturing company may monitor production lines in real time to gain a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the factory. The manufacturing process was monitored by specific employees in the past by companies to ensure products were being manufactured correctly. Manufacturing companies were able to identify any problems on the production line, or any errors in their product. However, this only provided a limited view of the situation at a particular location.

3. Why Production Monitoring?

With a production monitoring system in place, manufacturers can use technology to monitor what’s going on across their entire facility. Manufacturers can use a production monitoring system to monitor what’s happening across their entire facility. Manufacturing companies can track production in real-time to identify best practices, identify lag times and highlight areas for improvement by viewing real-time production data. Managers are able to drive efficiency and optimization with the data provided by production monitoring software.

4. Benefits of Production Performance Monitoring?

Monitoring production systems leads to improved performance as a result of the information they provide. Monitoring systems provide insight into a variety of production variables including product defects, machine downtime, temperature, and more, collected directly from the production line. It provides production management with important real-time information for making adjustments as needed or coming up with solutions to specific issues or customer requests.

5. Price for production monitoring system?

Soft Designers, providing on-premises and cloud applications at the best possible price.

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