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Preventive maintenance software

Preventive maintenance software

Keep track of your assets with Soft Designers Preventive Maintenance Software. It is easy to create, schedule and assign Preventive Maintenance works, without having to deal with paperwork. Make Preventive Maintenance Management simple. Manual Maintenance preventive checklists and following up with your team is no longer necessary.

Set up an automatic preventive maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Immediate Email notification.

The Calendar lets you easily view all pending and upcoming preventive maintenance schedules.

Drag and drop to change the due date.

E-preventive maintenance software include?

Preventative maintenance

Users can create maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment that outline all inspections and PM tasks that need to be performed.

Preventive maintenance software

Reporting capability

You can get the customized standard report based on your past preventive maintenance application.

Preventive maintenance software


By enabling direct access to checklists, preventive maintenance programs help ensure that all specific PM tasks related to a piece of equipment are completed and recorded.

Preventive maintenance software

Mobile application

Mobile app is an easy and simpler way to maintain and it saves the time.

Benefits of using the preventive maintenance software:

Schedule Preventive Maintenance-At-Ease

Create long-term calendar based Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules. Upload PM schedules through pre-existing templates or customize your own calendar, based on asset needs. You can drag & drop PMs in the calendar to reschedule when PM is completed before the scheduled date.

Decrease Downtime & Increase Efficiency with calendar-based preventive maintenance

Automate long term scheduling of Preventive Maintenance work orders over days, weeks, months or years with strict time intervals as per events or asset data. View Maintenance schedules on calendar for better planning and prioritizing.

Add Checklists to Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Customize checklists for preventive and breakdown maintenance & other work orders. Standardize checklists across work orders for consistency. Ensure safety of your plant with Cryotos mandated safety checklists & work permits before execution of PM & work orders.

Keep track of Preventive Maintenance & make informed decisions

View list of all raised Preventive Maintenance or just the latest to make informed decisions. Raise Maintenance requests based on asset and location when creating & assigning work orders. Receive push notifications as reminders for scheduled PM works.

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Marine – shipbuilding industries

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Oil and gas industries

Digital technologies helps to improve oil and gas industries processes, optimizes business models and enhance operational efficiencies.

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Chemical industries

Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers and better safety equates to better health

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