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Andon line or Andon display system is a visual representation of daily operations that shows where the action is needed. It is recognized as the most effective intercommunication tool because it helps the process to operate smoothly without any major hurdles or inefficiencies. It helps to build communication between workers and the development team with a combined system of digital signage on the production floor, andon lights, and email alerts.

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Andon system

Features of Andon line

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How Andon line or system is useful?

Andon system enables employees to notify key decision-makers about manufacturing problems so that effective corrective action can be taken. It improves the flow of information in case of problems and also improves product quality and better continuous opportunities. The real-time machine status that you will get:

MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

An MTTR is a maintenance metric that measures the average time required to troubleshoot and repair failed equipment.

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)

Measuring MTBF is one way to learn more about a failure and minimize its effects. An MTBF review aids the maintenance team in reducing downtime, saving money, and operating more efficiently.

Summary Reports

Real-time reporting keeps you informed of what’s been produced, what has not been produced, and the overall efficiency of your machines.

Live Machine Status

It allows you to connect every machine to see and understand how your entire shop floor is performing.

Downtime details

Andon is the easiest way to prevent unplanned downtime.


Benefits of Andon board and display System:


Andon line improves productivity

  1. Improve transparency:
    Encourage quick responses to consistency, downtime, and safety issues.
  2. Increase productivity:
    Bring immediate attention to any issues that arise during the production process.
  3. Strengthen flexibility:
    Improve accountability of operators by increasing their responsibility for good production and empowering them to take action when problems occur.
  4. Saves cost and time:
    Provide a simple and consistent mechanism for communicating information on the plant floor



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An Andon system is a visual process control system that is used to alert operators and management of problems on a production line. The system typically uses a combination of visual signals such as lights, audio alarms, and digital displays to alert workers to problems that need to be addressed. A wireless Andon system is a type of automated alert system used in manufacturing, service, and other industrial environments.

The Andon system helps to identify and address problems quickly, which helps to reduce downtime and improve production efficiency. It also helps to track production performance and prioritize corrective actions. This helps to ensure that production processes are running smoothly, and any problems are addressed quickly and effectively. 

A smart andon system can be implemented in the following ways: 

  1. Automated alerts: Set up automated alerts that can be triggered by certain conditions, such as when production falls below a certain level or when quality issues arise. 
  2. Real-time monitoring: Use sensors to monitor production in real-time, allowing operators to identify and resolve problems as soon as they arise. 
  3. Visual indicators: Utilize visual indicators, such as lights or displays, to indicate when production is operating below standard. 
  4. Analytics: Use analytics to analyze data from machines and processes, allowing operators to identify and address potential problems before they become serious. 
  5. Automated actions: Implement automated actions, such as shutting down a machine or production line if it is malfunctioning, to prevent further damage.
  • Kanban and Andon are both methods for managing production processes, but they have some key differences. 
  • Kanban is a type of pull system, which means production amounts are dictated by customer demand, while Andon is a type of push system, which means production amounts are based on predetermined goals. 
  • Kanban focuses on visualizing the production process and increasing efficiency, while Andon focuses on reacting to problems and ensuring quality control. 
  • Kanban is typically used in lean manufacturing environments, while Andon is usually used in traditional production settings.
  •  Kanban is a system used to control and manage the flow of materials within a production system. It uses visual cards or boards to indicate what needs to be done and how much of it needs to be done. The cards or boards in a Kanban system are usually color-coded to represent different stages of production. 
  • The main difference between Kanban and Andon is that Kanban is used to control the flow of materials within a production system, while Andon is used to identify and address issues within the production process.

An andon system is a type of visual management system used to monitor operations. It typically uses a color-coded system to indicate the status of a process or operation. The colors used in the system can vary, but some common ones include green (normal operation), yellow (caution), orange (alert), and red (emergency).