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ehs safety compliance

The Best EHS Safety Compliance Software | Mobile friendly

By using Efficio EHS safety compliance software, anything relating to occupational health and safety can be monitored, measured, audited, and reviewed.

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Utilize our cloud-based EHS software offers flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility to ensure that EHS data is always within your reach. 

ehs safety compliance

Permit To Work

Take all necessary precautions and preventative measures to ensure the highest standards of safety on the workplace, manage the permit process to improve visibility and improve your team’s productivity.

Incident Management

With Soft Designers Efficio Safety Management System, safety professionals can manage compliance, achieve minimal risk and make the workplace a safer place.

ehs safety compliance

Change Management

For effective change management, standard methods and procedures are followed. By using efficio software makes it easier for effective action to be taken.

Loto System

Reduces downtime by protecting equipment, machines, and the workplace and also it ensures the safety of the workers by reducing the risk of hazards and accidents

ehs safety compliance

Risk Assessment

The Risk assessment software will helps to identify hazards in the workplace so that control measures can be implemented to eliminate or reduce risks as much as possible.

Near Miss

Employees may immediately report issues or near misses well-designed efficio Software and it Empower safety teams to manage concern inquiry and corrective action tasks.

ehs safety compliance

Visitor Management System

The visitor management system provides fast and simple registration to control all visitors access and improves the efficiency of front desk work

Application across Industries


Aerospace Industries

Learn how we are helping aerospace industries to face the new threats and opportunities.


Electronic industries

We Develop customized Hardware and software products to improve the production efficiency of manufacturing companies

Marine industries

Marine – shipbuilding industries

Upgrade your industry to digital operation technology by implementing our software


Automobile industries

We have multiple tools to digitize the automotive industry’s existing manufacturing process.

oil and gas industries

Oil and gas industries

Digital technologies helps to improve oil and gas industries processes, optimizes business models and enhance operational efficiencies.

Chemical industries

Chemical industries

Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers and better safety equates to better health

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