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occupational health and safety software

Protect Your Workplace with Cutting-Edge OHS Software

Occupational Health and Safety Software protects the health, safety, and well-being of employees and contractors in the workplace. Any Incident Reported will be routed through root cause analysis with Advanced Tools and Reports. OHS comprises regulations and policies aimed at improving working conditions for employees and coworkers, as well as customers and other stakeholders. OHS addresses a wide range of workplace dangers and concerns, including chemicals and physical hazards, biological agents, psychological impact, ergonomic difficulties, and accidents. OHS Software has a significant impact on the organisation because healthy employees are more productive.


Occupational health and safety software

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Key Modules

We provide comprehensive tools such as

Permit To Work

Create the work permit for the contractors/employees, online approval can be taken place by the concerned department

Incident Management

Report and manage incidents and near-misses instantly with zero paperwork.

Safety Audit software

Automate and streamline your entire audit process from initial planning to tracking trends.

Near Miss

Employees may immediately report issues or near misses with our cloud based Near Miss Reporting Software.

Risk assessment

OHS for risk management assists you in effectively identifying, evaluating, and eliminating risks and hazards/harmful within your manufacturing industry.

Loto System

Protects the equipment machine and workplace from damage and reduces downtime

Visitor Management System

It provides fast and simple registration to control all visitors access.

Change management

EHS Manager deal with the prevention of accidents and with minimizing the resulting loss and damage to persons and property.

Artificial Intelligence for PPE Detection

Our AI Based safety system helps to detect, identify and alert the concerned department to use safety measurements. Our software detects employees PPE’s such as helmet, gloves, eye & ear protector, mask, vest, and safety shoes.

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We are digital transformation experts. Our goal is to make your industry faster, safer, and deliver the best customer experience.

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Utilize our cloud-based EHS software offers flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility to ensure that EHS data is always within your reach.

Industry 4.0 software

Industry 4.0

The current trend of improved automation, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine communication, artificial intelligence, continued technological improvements and digitalization in manufacturing.

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We offers you a flexible HR for all of your enterprise needs. Take full control of your business growth and employee success.


Warehouse Management

Utilize warehouse automation software to manage complicated fulfillment operations and gain visibility into all inventory levels from the distribution center to the shelf at the store.

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