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Occupational health and safety Software to Improve Safety of Workforce

occupational health and safety

The software solution ensures the Health, safety, and well-being of the Employees and contractors in the Workplace. We provide comprehensive tools such as Change Management or MOC, Permit to Work( PTW ), and Health Management. Any Incident Reported will be routed through root cause analysis with Advanced Tools and Reports. OHS includes standards, laws, and programs aimed at improving workplace conditions for workers and co-workers, family members, customers, and other stakeholders. Improving occupational health and safety standards ensure a better brand image, good business, and higher employee morale. OHS address different types of workplace hazards and concerns such as chemicals and physical hazards, biological agents, psychological fallout, ergonomic issues, and accidents. OHS Software considerably benefit the company, as healthy employees are guaranteed to be more productive. 

Features of occupational health and safety

occupational health and safety
Security Checkin
  • Incident Management with inbuilt Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
  • Dashboard for Easy Access
  • Advanced Reports as per Industrial Standards
  • Quick review and approval process feature provided
  • Software solution can be Accessed Anywhere Online
  • Real-time Safety Alerts in MES / ERP Systems
  • Automatic Email / SMS for Critical Remainders
  • Manage Employees and Contractor
  • Safety Work Permit with checklist
  • Safety Work Pass for Easy Entry into the Factory or Work Location

Key Modules

  • Change Management
  • Permit to Work (PTW)
  • Health Management
  • Loto system
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety Pass
  • Contractor Management
  • Analytics
  • AI-Based Automated PPE Inspection
  • Safety Surveillance
occupational health and safety

Artificial Intelligence for PPE Detection

Real Time Helmet, Gloves, Apron , Face Mask Detection

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