Visitor Management System

Soft Designers provides the best solution to optimize your Visitor Management process

Providing a safe and comfortable work environment to employees is highly important. The visitor management system provides fast and simple registration to control all visitors access and improves the efficiency of front desk work

Visitor Management Software:

Soft Designers visitors management software tracks when guests arrive and leave with employee notifications. Captures visitors’ photos and signature, print badges, and register visitor information in advance. The system also provides a detailed visitor log, you can sort out who was in your office and how long they were there within a few seconds.

It is appropriate for organizations to prioritize visitor protocols for clients, partners, consultants, remote workers, interns, and others that are not full-time employees. A well-defined visitor management system sets the standard for a good visitor experience while also minimizing employee distraction.

Features for Visitor Management:

  • Sign in unlimited visitors
  • Real Time Visitor Digital Log
  • Appointment request is authenticated as it goes through an approval workflow
  • Any additional details like photograph, vehicle details, material with visitor etc are captured
  • Visitor pass (Visitor badge) is printed
  • Visitor Exit is recorded by scanning barcode on the visitor badge

Benefits of Visitor management

visitor management system

Improve digital efficiency

Eliminating manual processes to improve digital efficiency. Modern Visitor Management solutions minimize the need for paper by storing, filing, and retrieving visitor information in the back-office of the solution.

visitor management system

Enhance workplace safety

A visitor management system can ensure your workplace safety. Automating your visitor check-in process with touchless procedures contributes to workplace safety and readily conveys your commitment to safety.

visitor management system

Increased security

Visitor Verification with Visitor Management System is used to keep track of visitors on the lists, capture images of them, and verify their identity.  You’ll have real-time visibility into the building’s security with a visitor management system.

visitor management system

Enhanced office efficiency

Visitor Management solutions can be customized and designed in a unique way. Check-in times can be shortened when visitors are empowered to register, create badges, sign compliance documents, and notify hosts without assistance.

visitor management system


Consider how much time and money it takes to manage pen and paper.  The visitor management system will reduce your administrative costs and digitize the entire process.

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visitor management system