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Digital manufacturing operations system connects processes across all areas of production to create an integrated approach to manufacturing, from design to production and on to final product servicing. Digital manufacturing is all about using digital technologies to manufacture your product in an effective way.

Digital Manufacturing operations also allow for customer data to be sent to product managers in order to anticipate demand and any ongoing maintenance requirements to deliver products via manufacturing that is centered on customer needs.

We are having multiple tools to digitize your existing manufacturing process. Digitize your manufacturing process by using:

Why it is important to implement Digital Manufacturing operations:

  • Predictive maintenance to avoid expensive breakdowns.
  • Quality sensing and detection using visual analytics to monitor and test equipment and products in real-time.
  • Predictive efficiency to avoid expensive bottlenecks.
  • Temperature monitoring in order to adjust cutting tools for higher temperatures.
  • Improving workstations for the benefit of the entire production line.
  • Real-time asset tracking.
  • The ability to adjust production to meet changing customer needs and hot orders

EHS Manager

EHS Management software

EHS Management Software solution for Manufacturing is used to track and monitor the health status of the employees and contractors in the workplace.

This software will help users to enter the employee’s illness and injury, it also keeps track of incidents happening monthly


  • Accessed Anywhere Online
  • Real-time Safety Alerts in MES / ERP Systems
  • Automatic Email / SMS for Critical Remainders
  • Manage Employees and Contractor
  • Safety Work Permit with a checklist
  • Safety Work Pass for Easy Entry into the Factory or Work Location
  • Inbuilt Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
  • Advanced Reports as per Industrial Standards
  • Quick review and approval process feature provided


  • EHS software helps the work environment is free from injuries and accidents attracts more employees satisfied and productive in such an environment.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy and safe working environment
  • Employees are kept secure, and industrial equipment is protected.
  • Facilitate Continuity of Employee Care
  • Empower Employee to Live a Healthier Lifestyle
  • EHS Software is mobile-friendly
  • Any Incident Reported will be routed through root cause analysis with Advanced Tools and Reports



Traceability solutions in manufacturing help to trace the raw materials and equipment used in the production or assembly area, to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.”

As the demand for Safety and Quality increases in the manufacturing arena, traceability uses have increased very rapidly.

Traceability systems keep track of all vital data and information of a product and its components through all or part of its production and utilization chain.


  • Items and sub-assembly are serialized by unique code number
  • Tracking of Products from raw materials to a finished state
  • Work order management and scheduling
  • Tracing Critical and vital information of products in their usage lifecycle
  • Track the progress of production orders throughout the factory
  • Provide full history of each production order
  • Capture planned quantity, actual quantity, start & end time, and duration


  • Eliminated Errors- Ensure user use the correct material against BOM
  • Reduce the waste
  • Quality of product increases
  • Capture the date of each step, providing full process traceability for continuous improvement.
  • Root Cause Analysis

Digital Work Instructions

Digital work instruction

Digital Work instruction helps users to access the information with just a swipe of a tablet or system to the point of use on a specific area and production line, helping to reduce downtime.

Digital work Instructions application allow the user to follow step by step process visually with the help of Videos or photos or template in order to complete the task in an efficient manner.

Digital work instructions explain the best way to complete a specific procedure on the shop floor which will help in removing the paper-based forms.


  • Centralized repository of product videos, images, documents, and Training modules
  • Station wise task can be mapped in a single click
  • Support standard batch report
  • Audit trail provided


  • Quality of the finished product.
  • Consistency of the finished product.
  • Throughput of the product.
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork when performing tasks
  • Less paperwork means more time for product making



In manufacturing infrastructure, the warehouse needs to be tightly integrated with the factory or shop floor, raw materials need to flow into the shop floor quickly as required; finished goods need to flow out. To manage this operation KANBAN play a major role in streamlining this inventory process

Kanban is one of the Lean tools designed to reduce the idle time in a production process. It can be used to speed up the material request and delivery time in order to improve the productivity


  • Quick view of the Inventory
  • Red Kanban can be raised in shortage of goods
  • Digital Kanban board
  • Smooth integration with ERP
  • Fine-tune the Production or Process Optimization


  • Focus on continuous delivery.
  • Reduction of wasted work / wasted time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Team members’ ability to focus.

Andon Display System

Andon system

In the manufacturing process, several machines/equipment are involved in order to do the production, so where machines exist then issue are bound to happen. So, in order to streamline the issue raising and tracking process ANDON give the right solution to track the issue and improving the efficiency.

In lean manufacturing, Andon refers to any visual display that shows status information on the plant floor.

In manufacturing premises, it is important to have a visual and audible response tool such as the Andon system in order to reduce production downtime.

An Andon act as a visual and audio alarm raised by the operator in order to alert the maintenance department.


  • Three colors LED provided with tower lamp
  • Automatic E-mail notification
  • Auto triggered SMS facility
  • Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF
  • Categorized issue report
  • shiftwise production report
  • Top three-issue report
  • Wireless connectivity available


  • Improve transparency
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen flexibility
  • Reduce downtime
  • Save costs and time
  • Improve response time

Production Monitoring System

Production Monitoring System

A production monitoring system is a process that is designed to record the data of the system in real-time in order to improve the overall performance of the production line.

The data that is collected by the monitoring system is used in improving the efficiency of the production line. Real-time monitoring can help you or your IT or maintenance or quality department to identify and resolve the problems as soon as they arise


  • Manual Record quantities
  • Advanced Report – Actual cycle time vs. Target cycle time
  • KPIs such as Production Efficiency and Actual Cycle Time
  • Track the progress of each order as it is being made and how much is left to make
  • Work out the production speed and calculate accurate cycle times


  • Avoid over-making
  • Improve effectiveness
  • Visibility
  • React faster
  • Continuous Improvement

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