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Employees may immediately report issues or near misses with SoftDesigners cloud based Near Miss Reporting Software. Empower safety teams to manage concern inquiry and corrective action tasks.

Overview of Near miss report

Near miss report is an unplanned event happening, that does result in an injury or illness or damage but could have caused an injury. Employees could have been seriously injured if they were not able to steady themselves or move out of the way in time. Therefore, it’s important that these incidents are reported so you can deal with the hazard before anyone gets hurt. Employees might avoid reporting near misses or minor slips because they are usually seen as embarrassing to funny. The EHS suggests that there is more count of near misses for every accident that occurs at work.

If you wait for that incident or accident to occur before taking steps to prevent it from happening again, you are taking a reactive approach to workplace safety. Instead, organizations should take a proactive one. Create a culture that encourages employees to report any near-misses and use the information from incidents to review risk assessment and control methods. By following this, industries could prevent accidents before they occur.

Why Near miss report is important:

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There are a lot of advantages to tracking near misses, including:

  • Encourage employee participation in health and safety matters
  • Motivate your employees to contribute to their safety and the safety of their colleagues in a responsible manner.
  • Have enough data for performance measurement
  • Prevent similar accidents from occurring
  • Engages employees and makes EHS everyone’s responsibility
  • Reduce risks to company productivity and profits

Our values

Our mission is to support a culture of continuous improvement and to prevent future incidents. You can better protect your employees, customers, partners, and bottom line by doing so.

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  • Dashboards and reports
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  • Safety suggestions
  • Initiate near miss within short time
  • Customised
What is near miss software?

Near miss software is a software solution that is designed to help organizations manage and track near-miss incidents in the workplace. It typically includes features such as near-miss reporting, investigation, analysis, corrective actions, and reporting.

Can near miss software be integrated with other EHS software solutions?

Yes, near miss software can be integrated with other EHS software solutions. Integration can help organizations streamline their EHS processes, improve data accuracy and consistency, and reduce the risk of incidents and injuries.

What types of near misses can be managed using near miss software?

Near miss software can be used to manage a wide range of near-miss incidents, including slips, trips, and falls, equipment malfunctions, chemical spills, and other potential hazards in the workplace. The software can be customized to match an organization’s unique near-miss reporting and management processes.