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EHS Audit Software:

Automate and streamline your entire audit process from initial planning to tracking trends. New task assignments are automatically generated to process each finding and immediately notify relevant personnel of what they need to do. Any task or finding not resolved promptly can be escalated to a supervising party.


  • Multi-user ehs audit Dashboards
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Section wise proof attachments
  • User activity tracking
  • Mobile application

Process of Efficio Ehs Audit Software:

How does Ehs Audit Software work?

Customize your Audit checklist:

Easily create and customize audit forms to meet your organization’s workplace safety requirements.

Provide accurate reporting:

In just a few clicks, you can generate quality audit reports using EHS audit software.

Cloud-based System:

A secure cloud-based audit management system is available both on the web and on mobile devices.

Increase Audit Productivity:

Multiple locations of the company audits can be tracked and monitored in one system. As a result, centralized audit history simplifies compliance and record-keeping for audits.

Benefits of Safety Audit Software

Get timely reminder for audits and inspection

Get calendar view for better audit planning

Ability to assign different engineers

Safety Audit software

Identify areas of improvement and prevent future injuries

Customize checklist

Safety Audit software

Comprehensive safety audit report

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We offer an end-to-end quality audit solution that ensures compliance with quality standards

Audit management software


We can install the software on your IT infrastructure at your security

Audit management software


Cloud-based solution allows employees to prepare for audits anywhere and at any time

Audit management software

Mobile Friendly

Apps permit auditors to file reports at any time from any location.

Our values

Our mission is to support a culture of continuous improvement and to prevent future incidents. You can better protect your employees, customers, partners, and bottom line by doing so.

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  1. What is Audit Management software?

The purpose of an audit management system is to reduce the time and effort associated with passing an external audit or conducting an internal audit within an organization. Audit management systems automate the audit lifecycle process to make it easier.

It is also possible to integrate audit software with a document management system, allowing users to find and access any documentation needed to support audit programs.

2. Why Efficio Audit Management software?

The Efficio EHS audit tool allows companies to track previous audit findings, keep a record of audit results, and take preventive measures to improve the business. 

Using an audit management solution, companies can manage audit planning, audit-related tasks, audit data, and audit processes in a single, integrated system. By using audit checklists, companies can also identify areas they should improve, and implement the appropriate corrective actions.

5. Price for Audit Management Software?

Soft Designers providing on-premises and cloud applications at the best possible price.