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Soft Designers provide digital services to Automobile Industries

The automobile industries is in a state of disruptive transition. Automotive manufacturers are being challenged by fast-changing customer needs, advancing digital technologies, pervasive connectivity, and environmental regulations. In order to capitalize on industry opportunities in the face of these disruptions, companies will need to transition from traditional “disconnected” and “analog” manufacturing methods to a completely connected and digitized factory floor.

Challenges in Automobile Industries:

  • Poor Visibility and Routing of Parts Results in Delays to Automobile Manufacturing.
  • Optimize Automotive Parts Visibility, Inventory Management, and Routing Through the Supply Chain.
  • Keeping the employee health at the top.
  • New technologies are dramatically changing vehicle industries.
  • The global automotive industry is under constant pressure from environmental and customer demands. The industry is facing issues regarding fuel economy, gas emissions, safety and affordability.

Solutions applicable to Automobile industries:

The right experience, approach and ingenuity can provide perspective, insight and quality solutions to enable your business. Softdesigners having multiple tools to digitize automobile industries existing manufacturing process.

Why our products? and how it is useful in the Automobile industries?

Reducing Waste in Your Processes – Cutting waste in your production processes is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability which is executed through the Soft designers Smart Efficio solution.

  • Soft designers provide a wide range of solutions for Occupational Health Management, safety solutions to provide employees safety and wellness.
  • Also provides a single platform to view and manage the data for better productivity and planning
  • Our digital solution can help in monitoring the status of everything from operational to human resource safety.
  • Traceability solutions in manufacturing help to trace the raw materials and equipment used in the production or assembly area, to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.”
  • kanban
  • Andon

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