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End-To-End Traceability in Manufacturing Industry

Traceability in manufacturing industries is used for tracking the PCB, and the Bessel assembly and order management tool is used to manage the orders like creating orders and viewing orders. Every component can be tracked through online and offline software.

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Traceability Software

It helps to monitor the operation flow, quantities of raw material used, time spent by the operator at each work station to do the product activity, and also the overall productivity of the plant.


Traceability System

Keep track of materials and product stock to avoid stock-outs

Traceability solution in manufacturing companies helps to trace the raw materials and equipment used in the production or assembly area, to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.” This system gives the complete chain of data of the raw materials or sub-assembly used in the production for making the product

As the demand for Safety and Quality increases in the manufacturing arena the traceability uses have increased very rapidly. In order to have the proper safety and deliver quality products, tracking and tracing are most important in a manufacturing facility.

How does Traceability work?

Traceability works by attaching a unique barcode on every manufactured product at every stage to make sure they are traced through the manufacturing process.

The operator details, Equipment details, Raw material usage can be easily identified using the system

Traceability includes Online tracing, order management tools, test certificate generation as well as traceability software.

Manufacturing industries contain various sections in the assembly line like inventory management, component marking, product labeling, packaging, cartoon pallet labeling. The assembly contains a physical flow of traceable items along with a unique barcode. The barcode contains desired information about the product.

During the process, online tracing is deployed across the plant with unique number generation. First, this needs to trace the flow of materials.

Traceability is used for tracking the PCB, Bessel assembly and order management tool is used to manage the orders like creating order and viewing orders. Every component can be tracked through online and offline software.


Traceability in manufacturing


1) Eliminated Errors- Ensure the user uses the correct material against BOM
2)Reduce the waste
3) Quality of the product increases
4) Capture the date of each step, providing full process traceability for continuous improvement.
5) Root Cause Analysis – If the system provided the end-to-end data then the in-depth analysis can be done for a particular process or product

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