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Digital Transformation for manufacturing industry | Digitization

Digitization can automate high volume, time-consuming processes such as manufacturing which will increase productivity.

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We offer various lean manufacturing tools. The concept of industry 4.0 and digital transformation will increase productivity and efficiency. Cloud technologies process huge volumes of data thereby increasing production processes. This technology would change the way manufacturing products are offered across industries.

Automation is enabled by means of E-Andon systems, E-kanban systems, production monitoring systems, remote machine monitoring, and such IoT enabled devices. These cutting edge technologies would increase business processes. Some of the digitization tools are digital work instruction, e-kanban, e-Andon, employee attendance, E-preventive maintenance, production monitor.

Let us show you how we can make your industry digital:

ehs compliance safety managers

EHS Solution

EHS Management Software solution for Manufacturing is used to track and monitor the health status of the employees and contractors in the workplace. This software will help users to enter the employee’s illness and injury, it also keeps track of incidents happening monthly

Warehouse management


E-kanban system is used for scheduling work processes. We offer both the kanban system along with an e-kanban software. E-kanban would display the request for raw materials and ensure the work is completed on a timely basis.

Andon display system in manufacturing


E-Andon system is a display board that specifies target production, actual production. This also acts as an alerting tool for manufacturing plants that trigger an alert on a problem in the shop floor via SMS/e-mail notification.

Andon line

Production Monitoring System

Production monitoring function as a digitization tool displaying real-time production data on the shop floor.

digital work

Digital Work Instruction

Electronic work instruction enables the operator to handle new machines by themselves.


E-preventive maintenance :

This reduces the frequent breakdown of machines. The maintenance software allows you to schedule events and inspection of machines.

Application across industries:
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