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Overview of AI in Manufacturing

AI is disrupting every sector, its time we emulate the success of AI in Manufacturing. The Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 found that 92% of senior manufacturing executives believe that ‘Smart Factory’ digital technologies – including Artificial Intelligence – will enable them to increase their productivity levels and empower staff to work smarter.

AI can perform manufacturing, predictive maintenance, quality control,

Manufacturers around the world are rapidly investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) to create new products and services while driving down production costs over the longer term

Predominantly, the AI in smart machines currently manages the more traditional repetitive tasks; however, this is advancing very quickly. The ability to adapt to continuously changing tasks will move quickly into the mainstream.

This will be a paradigm shift from assisted intelligence swinging all the way across to full autonomous intelligence where machines are able to learn enough to make recommendations that humans can trust.

AI in Manufacturing

AI in Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance:

Gone are the days where machines get breakdowns and maintenance engineer resolves it after some duration.Machine Monitor

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, machine data like Vibration sensor, Temperature, Motor current consumption, etc are continuously monitored and then the data is identified for its potential reason along with the useful time. Using AI technology we can predict the amount of time the machines will be running without any trouble.

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory provides insights into the production at realtime to Management team. The smart factory allows the Management to look into KPI like OEE, Availability, Performance, Quality in real-time

AI in Manufacturing

AI is Revolutionizing Manufacturing:

  • Smart Maintenance
  • The rise of quality 4.0
  • Human-Robot collaboration
  • Making better products with generative designs
  • Adapting to an ever-changing market.