HSE Safety Management Software benefits are:

  • EHS software helps the work environment is free from injuries and accidents attracts more employees satisfied and productive in such an environment.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy and safe working environment
  • Employees are kept secure, and industrial equipment is protected.
  • Facilitate Continuity of Employee Care
  • Empower Employee to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Our Success Story

- SoftDesigners

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EHS safety software key Modules

Incident Management

SoftDesigners Health management is a framework that enables a company to constantly identify and manage its environmental, health, and safety concerns. We help global industries assist in the prevention of explosions, fires, and ergonomic hazards industries. It keeps employees safe and healthy.

Digital LOTO System

SofDesigners Lockout/tagout (LOTO) is a program, procedure, work instruction, or safety system. LOTO is designed to keep your workers safe when working with machinery and powered equipment.

Management of Change

SoftDesigners Change Management tool is a technology that assists organizations in monitoring and optimizing their Change management processes.

Permit To Work

SoftDesigners well-designed Permit to work tool provides where users can create the work permit for the contractors/visitors/vendors, online approval can be taken place by the concerned department.

Risk Assessment

SoftDesigners Risk assessment application will help to identifying all the risks to and from the activity and assessing the potential impact of each risk.

Features of EHS/HSE safety Management Software:

  • Incident Management with inbuilt Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
  • Dashboard for Easy Access
  • Advanced Reports as per Industrial Standards
  • Quick review and approval process feature provided
  • The software solution can be Accessed Anywhere Online
  • Real-time Safety Alerts in MES / ERP Systems
  • Automatic Email / SMS for Critical Remainders
  • Manage Employees and Contractor
  • Safety Work Permit with a checklist
  • Safety Work Pass for Easy Entry into the Factory or Work Location

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