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Soft Designers provide Digital services to Chemical industry

The chemical industries is witnessing a rapid increase in demand and leveraging digitalization to improve its operational efficiency has now become a vital need for the industry. To achieve efficiency in the supply chain, companies need comprehensive and tightly integrated solutions that can combine demand management, planning and scheduling.

The chemical industry is known to be one of the most conservative and slow industries. Therefore, there is a real need to innovate and produce results faster now than ever. The digitization process has the potential to become a strong competitive differentiator that the chemical industry cannot ignore.

Challenges in Chemical Industry

  • Managing manufacturing and operational cost
  • Slow in adopting to Digitization
  • Decrease in the efficiency and productivity
  • Increase number of product recall and audits
  • Laws are more strict regarding environmental standards and the emission of chemicals in the air, water, and land. So, it is the biggest challenge to protect the environment with the economic running of the plant.
  • Reduction in manual operation and adoption of new technology.

Solutions applicable to chemical industries:

Soft Designers having multiple tools to digitize chemical industries existing manufacturing process.

  1. Digital work instruction
  2. EHS
  3. E-kanban

Why our products? and how it is useful in Chemical Industries?

  • Boosting productivity and manufacturing through Digital work instruction will remove the paper-based work and increase efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Reduction of wasted work / wasted time in streamlining their inventory management.
  • Empower employees to Live a Healthier Lifestyle.
  • Promotes wellness- Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers alike. Better safety equates to better health. Healthier employees do tasks more efficiently and they are happier in general.


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