EHS Management Software:

Transform your organization’s Environmental, Health & Safety management today.

Enhance your safety program’s performance, visibility, scalability, flexibility, integration, and accessibility

EHS Manager features:

  • Safety Incident Rate
  • Illness Injury, Ergonomic Trends
  • Investigation report
  • Loto dashboard
  • Risk management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Safety work permit with checklist
  • Management of change

EHS Management Software Solution Introduction:

EHS Management Software solution for Manufacturing is used to track and monitor the health status of the employees and contractors in the workplace. This software will help users to enter the employee’s illness and injury, it also keeps track of incidents happening monthly. n addition, it gives a complete view of the health status of each department through chart view and Real-time Safety Alerts in MES / ERP Systems. Moreover, the software provided the illness based on the body part. We provide comprehensive tools such as the Change Management tool or MOC, Permit to Work(PTW), Loto, Risk assessment, and Health Management.


  • Marine industries
  • aerospace
  • electronic
  • Automobile
  • Chemical industries
  • Digital Manufacturing operation
  • Digital Manufacturing operation

Consider the following factors when choosing an EHS Management Software:


EHS Software offers real-time data synchronization, automated information processing, and fast connectivity. Utilizing cloud-based EHS software offers flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility to ensure that EHS data is always within your reach.

Best Price

We are offering an affordable price with a user-friendly design, a simple onboarding structure, and easy access to support documents could be the determining factor in increasing participation in your safety program.


Every business or industry is different in how it performs. By adding more modules, building customized workflows and processes, and seamlessly automating repetitive tasks, an ideal EHS software will effortlessly integrate into your safety processes.

Features of EHS Management Software:

Covid 19 – Implementing current health and safety procedures by Softdesigners

Why is it important to install EHS Management software in your company?

Ehs health and safety management is the most important record for every organization to retain in order to assess the overall health of its employees. But, for such a large workforce, keeping the record on paper can be difficult, so digital health management is the solution for keeping any record of employee health. Employers have the right and duty to protect and keep their workers safe.

  • EHS software helps the work environment is free from injuries and accidents attracts more employees satisfied and productive in such an environment.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy and safe working environment
  • Employees are kept secure, and industrial equipment is protected.
  • Facilitate Continuity of Employee Care
  • Empower Employee to Live a Healthier Lifestyle
  • EHS Software is mobile-friendly
  • Any Incident Reported will be routed through root cause analysis with Advanced Tools and Reports

Key Module:

Covid 19 – Implementing current health and safety solutions by Softdesigners

Soft Designers is one of those companies that have solutions through video analytics to fight against COVID-19. EHS Software helps to detect if a person is wearing a mask or not, helps to monitor a person’s temperature and social distancing.

EHS Management software

“Mask Detection”

Mask detection helps facial recognition, analytics having to detect people who wear and do not wear masks.

Key Functions:

1) Detect people who wear and do not wear masks.

2) Video analytics

3) Alarm settings

4) Log file to record data

EHS Management software

“Temperature Monitoring”

Besides mask detection, the solution also has a thermal scanner for temperature monitoring while providing an access control facility.

Key Functions:

1) Pre-definable value for abnormal target temperatures

2) Both image (Normal and Thermal) to be shown on the user interface

3) Alarm settings

4) Log file to record data

EHS Management software

“Social Distancing”

It can calculate the distance between each person and raise an alarm if the safe distance is not maintained at any place

Key Functions:

1) Real-time video monitoring

2) Data Analytics with distance

3) Alarm settings

4) Log file to record data

EHS Success story

Learn how one company uses SoftDesigners EHS technologies to solve workplace challenges in the Environmental, health, and safety business in this case study.

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The environmental health management system can be useful for improving the health and safety of the workforce.  We are committed to your success, and our support team is ready to assist you with day-to-day concerns relating to your EHS / OHS.

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What is EHS Management?

EHS stands for Environment, health and safety. EHS management refers to the implementation of procedures focused on ensuring and improving the safety of workers and their surroundings. These processes are important to achieving and maintaining the organization’s overall environmental goals.

What is the difference between EHS and HSE?

The various combinations merely change the order of the letters while representing the same idea. Different organizations choose different types of representations, such as HSE, HES, SHE, and EHS. As a result, there is no difference between HSE, EHS, and SHE; they all represent the same thing.

Why is EHS needed?

The EHS safety component is intended to safeguard employees from the hazards of their workplaces. The most obvious advantage of EHS and workplace EHS programs is the prevention of accidents such as injuries, illnesses, and dangerous environmental issues.

What is risk management in EHS?

EHS risk management comprises the processes and procedures designed to ensure a safer workplace and compliance with specific regulatory agencies.