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EHS Software features:

AI PPE detection

Safety Incident Rate

Illness Injury, Ergonomic Trends

Investigation report

Loto dashboard

Ergonomic assessment

Behavior Based Safety

Risk management

Root cause analysis

Safety work permit with checklist

Management of change

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EHS Software Solution:

The EHS Software solution for Manufacturing tracks and monitors employee and contractor health status. With this software, users can enter illness and injury information about employees, as well as keep track of incidents that occur on a monthly basis. Additionally, it provides MES/ERP systems with Real-time Safety Alerts and a chart view of each department’s health status.

EHS Management Key Modules:

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Quality of ehs software


EHS Software offers quick connectivity, automatic information processing, and real-time data synchronization, and fast connectivity. In addition to providing flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility, cloud-based EHS software ensures that data is accessible from anywhere.

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The user-friendly interface and easy access to support documents combined with our affordable pricing and user-friendly design could determine the success of your safety program.

EHS SOFTWARE Customization


Every business or industry operates differently. Ideal EHS software seamlessly integrates into your safety processes by adding new modules, customizing workflows, and automating repetitive tasks.



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Yes, there is a 7-day free trial period. For a free trial, please contact us and schedule a demo with us.

Yes, we have two methods of payment terms that is Monthly and Annual subscription

Yes, EHS software can be implemented in two ways either on premises or cloud-based. We customize and implement according to industry requirements

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