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Marine – Shipbuilding industries are slowly moving production facing a lot of challenges that must be addressed to improve the efficiency of the processes. 2021 is a year of new opportunities and arising difficulties due to economic and environmental changes taking place in the world. Let’s consider in detail what kind of challenges this industry is going to confront in the nearest future and how Soft Designers is helping this industry to be prepared for facing new threats and opportunities.

Challenges in Marine – Shipbuilding industries

  • Major changes to ship components/design are more time consuming and costly
  • Increases complexity of concurrent engineering
  • Increases the risk of making the “right” decision very early in the project
  • Purchasing items before we know what we will need due to equipment/material lead times
  • Reduces the manufacturability quality and efficiency
  • Increases errors on the waterfront because of incomplete designs and proper documentation
  • This leads to more hot work on the production floor, reducing streamlined manufacturing
  • Increases the amount of rework

Softdesigners solutions to the Marine – Shipbuilding industry:

  1. E-Kanban System
  2. Production Monitoring System
  3. EHS

E-Kanban system solution to marine industries

Kanban is one of the best solutions designed to reduce idle time in a production process. The main idea behind the system is to deliver what the process needs exactly when it needs

Better Realistic Planning

Softdesigners smart e-kanban solution offers to help the production team to plan and execute the process in a better and efficient way.

Asset management

Softdesigners smart Efficio- Traceability offers to have complete visibility and tracking on the assembly /sub-assembly parts used for building the ship.

Kanban Process

Production Monitoring system solution to marine industries

Production monitoring gives your insight into the entire manufacturing process, points out any defects in all of the stages, and prevents shipping delays

Increasing Operation Efficiency

The smart solution will help the production team to increase efficiency by providing the real-time and accurate information

Value stream and process mapping

Value stream mapping and process mapping involve evaluating and charting broad and specific processes to better understand precise areas of waste. Once processes are mapped and analyzed, existing issues can be pinpointed and eliminated, or streamlined

Marine industries
Production Monitoring System

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