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Idea management system is an important part of creating an innovative culture in your company. Idea management not only improves worker engagement levels but also significantly improves productivity and profitability. Soft Designers idea management is easy and simple to use.


  • Flexible idea submission form
  • Real time idea management dashboard
  • Collect and track ideas in one place
  • Innovate with everyone, everywhere
  • Customization
  • Quickly finalize the ideas

A successful business involves innovation of new ideas by people of the organization that becomes powerful innovations, known as an idea or change management

Sustained productivity and improvement can be brought out by people of the organization through such creative capabilities by deploying idea management software. This makes the organization decentralized creating a better workforce, in organizations which focus on people’s welfare.

Our idea management software helps R&D, marketing, production, maintenance departments function better. Idea management process is process-driven i.e., it serves as a platform for gathering new ideas and facilitates a systematic process. Some of the specific characteristics of this idea tool are that it is easy-to-use, versatile, process-driven, accessible, engaging and transparent to users.

Idea Management

Idea management models :

Employees can engage in collaborative efforts more easily with the help of an idea management system without the conversation becoming disorganized.

Suggestion schemes

Organizations allow employees to submit their ideas in a central repository that will be taken by the innovation team to develop it further. These ideas will be deposited using software instead of a suggestion box. Suggestion scheme for an organization may not be relevant if there is suggestion overflow, duplicate idea submission if there are many irrelevant ideas

Idea campaign

Idea campaign is one which deals with specific business issues. Employees actively participate to solve issues in a collaborative environment. Based on these models, idea software functions. Employees with access to the database can suggest ideas, track them from production to implementation.

Evaluation of Ideas

Evaluation matrix helps organizations bring out the most promising ideas. There are specific criteria for each organization and scorecard for the best ideas are formed. As a result of project development, prototype development, project initiation can be done.

Advantages of Idea Management Software:

  • Inefficient operational process related to management can be enhanced as an obvious business service based on clients requirements.
  • Unlocks and gives preferences to employees lucrative ideas
  • Employees may be rewarded as a means of soliciting ideas
  • Paves way for creative innovation.
  • People at the organization level re-innovate ideas.
  • Ideas are very important for the growth of organization

Application across industries

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