permit to work

Permit to work system is clearly define hazards that workers may face along with the necessary precautionary actions to take.


  • The website allows executives to create work permits online
  • No limit in creating work permit for a day
  • Depending on the work permit status, security can check in or check out guests
  • Approval escalation matrix is embedded into the software package
  • Reports can be created as pdf anytime anywhere.

Permit to Work System Overview

The work permit is a formal system for controlling high-risk activities, part of a control safety program. Companies make considerable efforts to ensure the safety of their operations and to protect the health and safety of their employees. A work permit system is a key tool for managing workplace safety among all the control and prevention measures implemented. Furthermore, it ensures communication happens between the production and maintenance teams from planning, to preparation, to execution, to handover, to continuation of normal operations.

Why it is important to implement a Work permit

It is important to note that a safe work permit does not eliminate the risk of an incident on its own. Rather, it specifies the complications and risk-control measures that employees must be aware of before beginning work. A safe work permit system is an effective means of communicating critical safety information. Permits to work will usually be necessary for such activities as maintenance or construction work by external contractors.

Permits will be required for the following types of work:

  • Hot work Permit that is welding, soldering, or cutting using hot flame techniques outside of designated workshop area.
  • Working at height, including on roofs
  • Live working on electricity supply systems
  • Chemical or acid work permit
  • Excavation and the digging of trenches
  • Isolation of or modification to fire safety systems, alarms, etc
Benefits For Permit to work system:

A well-designed software solution will be provided where users can create the work permit for the contractors/visitors/vendors, online approval can be taken place by the concerned department. Once the approval is done then the security will do all the processes during the entry/exit process. The software also controls and raise an alert if any work permit is going to expired or already expired

There are so many potential benefits of choosing the digital work permit, here are some mentioned below :

Permit To Work System

  1. Decrease of time required when planning permits:
    Thanks to drop-down lists, already configured in the system, it is possible to select the operations to be carried out, the authorized persons and the controls to be carried out in one click. An important time-saving at this stage.
  2. Faster work permit approval:
    There is no longer any need to move to another place to validate permits. Approval is done remotely from data and planned elements on the system. This will also allow saving time..
  3. Faster decision making:
    Instant access to information recorded on the system improves control and visibility of both planned and ongoing work. Real-time analysis of this data can even, under some circumstances, prevent an increased security risk. This allows for proactive measures to be taken to avoid an incident.

Work Permit Specifications:

Application across industries

  • Marine industries
  • aerospace
  • electronic
  • Automobile
  • Chemical industries
  • Digital Manufacturing operation
  • Digital Manufacturing operation
Permit To Work System

Customize your work permit System

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