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Andon Display system Product details:

Part NumberADEA01
Supply Voltage24 vdc
Supply Current2 A
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 800 C (industrial)
Dimension120 mm x 180 mm(W X H)
Features· Three-tier tower lamp·
· Andon Server kit
· Andon Client kit
· Big Display on the production line
· Production Monitoring tool
· Industrial Wireless Connectivity
· Automatic Email alert
· Automatic SMS alert
· Automatic Escalation process
· Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF
· Shiftwise Production Report/Custom Report
· Individual Issue code according to the Machine
Hardware· ANDON Terminal with Tower lamp
· Andon Server Terminal
· HP Server with SQL Server & Windows Server operating System
SoftwareEfficio Software
AccessoriesProduction Display Monitor, Buzzer
Andon display system

How Andon Display System works?

Andon display system is a device that supports the flow of information about the state of the production system. If there are upcoming or current issues, operators pull a cord or press the button. Similarly, if anything is wrong with a process, it may send a signal. This information is then shown in the form of lights, numbers, and sounds to alert others to the problems. There will be an Andon Monitor where it will display the machine or system with color-coding i.e., Red defined as Issue, Yellow as Issue acknowledged and Green defined as Ready

  1. Red indicates Production stopped
    Action:-There’s a problem. The manager hasn’t been able to correct the issue. The assembly line stops until the problem has been corrected.
  2. Yellow indicates Problem appeared
    Action:- The problem can not be identified and will need further investigation or an Issue detected, a manager is immediately dispatched to address the issue in a designated amount of time
  3. Green Indicates Production is normal
    Action:- Everything’s going great. The assembly line continues. Proceed to the next step.

How to raise an issue by using Andon Software:

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