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Hot work permit OSHA

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Hot work permits enable employers to maintain control and safety over potentially hazardous hot work activities. By using the hot work permit system, workers are reminded to comply with safety requirements at the workplaces. Additionally, the permit provides a step-by-step checklist for fire safety during hot work, and it reminds contractors of their responsibilities regarding fire prevention before, during, and after hot work.

A plant Without a hot work permit would result to vulnerable to fire hazards, molten metals, fumes in enclosed spaces, flammable materials nearby, explosions from trapped gasses, and explosions that result from trapped air.

The types of hot works:

  • Welding, brazing, and soldering.
  • Grinding and cutting.
  • Thawing pipes.
  • The use of open flames, blow-lamps, and torches.
  • Using bitumen and tar boilers.
  • The use of hot air blowers and lead heaters.

Is hot work safety necessary?

  1. Why?
    Any activity involving cutting or welding with gas or arc equipment, soldering, grinding, or any other similar activity generating heat or flame requires a hot work permit
  2. Where?
    Hot works will more perform in all the maintenance/ alteration/ construction jobs in the plant shall be carried out under “Permit to Work”. For Example: Hot work in confined space, hot work construction, hot work permit for welding, electrical hot work permit etc.,
  3. Who Needs?
    Hot work Permits are required for all contractors, subcontractors, and trades performing hot work for a project.

The process of Hot work permit!

In order to ensure a safe working environment, it is important to implement a permit-based system software that enforces safety rules on workers. 

“A person who wants to perform hot work should obtain a hot work permit from his or her project manager or the relevant department. Whenever two or more subcontractors perform hot work on one project, each of them should obtain their own hot work permit. Employees should fully describe the scope of the hot work, its location, and its nature in the hot work permit form.

The responsible department will approve or reject the permit. A specific permit number will be assigned.

With a permit on site for the duration of the job, the employee can proceed with hot work. Worker precautions and steps can be found in the hot work permit checklist.

The completed permit needs to be submitted to the project manager once the work is completed.”

Other types of permit to work

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