Incident Management provides a mechanism through which the Incident related occurred in Manufacturing can be recorded,reviewed,Monitored and Investigated.

There are primarily three different types of Incident which are Illness,Injury and Ergonomics.Any injury which occurred in Manufacturing can be Investigated through Root cause Analysis systematically.

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Why Incident Management Software?

Without a doubt, standardization of the incident management process improves data comparability and increases efficiency. However, 60% of companies do not use commercial software to automate this practice, which leads to poor visibility and missed opportunities to increase safety in the work environment.


Faster Escalation, Faster Time to Resolution

The system helps you stay organized and escalate your response quickly, you can easily address incidents as they arise without disrupting your entire workforce..

Root Cause Analysis

The Main purpose of Incident management is to detect the root cause of any Incident which occurred in the premises.The software have multiple features to investigate the issue using 5 Why Analysis.The findings and shortcomings of the investigation can be put to work using the system

Safety Dashboard

The safety dashboard displays the Critical KPI such as safety incident Rate,Monthly Incidents,Near Misses,Yearly Trends.

The Dashboard can be customized based on the need of customer