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Smart Andon System with AI enabled Software in India

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"With AI-enabled Andon Software, businesses can streamline manufacturing processes, reduce downtime, and ensure maximum efficiency"

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AI-based Smart Andon System

Artificial intelligence in production can able track inventory levels, monitor worker performance, and generate production reports. The system can provide valuable insights into a manufacturing facility's overall efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

AI-based smart Andon system is a breakdown reduction system that uses various types of artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure error-free manufacturing processes. AI algorithms are used in the system to detect the machine problem and trends that may indicate potential breakdown ,quality issues to alert operators and supervisors for taking corrective action. 

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Our software enables you to ask questions and get answers from AI support.

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Features of AI Smart Andon System

Our AI solutions can monitor and analyze data to identify trends and potential problems before they become an issue, allowing you to proactively address potential issues before they disrupt production

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Production breakdown reports such as MTTR / MTBF can be calculated


Interfaced with the IoT system

Sensors and automated processes to detect abnormalities in the production line

Real-time premium dashboards can be integrate with Power BI, Tableau and Zoho

Alarm/SMS notification to alert workers or supervisors to the issue

It helps to identify and address issues quickly and accurately

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